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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go forward with your plans and go straight to medical school


I would tell myself to review my notebooks and textbooks from highschool to retain the knowledge and to also take my studies more seriously. I will tell myself that i need to mature more and take more responsibility for my actions because in the coming years i would nt mature and take control of my life and it will spiral out of control. So the only advice i have from my past self would be to take my academic studies more seriously and to take responsibility for my actions.


Spending four years in high school without a mentor was not a good experience. I turned to my guidance counselor, and some of my teachers for certain questions about college. However, I feel that it would have been a different and, probably, a much better experience if I had a mentor who was there to guide me through my high school years in order to help me prepare for college. My knowledge was very much limited when it came to scholarships and community service. My college of choice was selected in June, the same month of my high school graduation; meaning, I had a very stressful senior year. The two things I knew for certain were: to stay out of trouble, and maintain good grades. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to become involved in the community by serving as a mentor for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in high school to help them start their college selection process early. College preparation starts in 9th grade; not 12th. Had I been aware of such valuable information, the beginning of my college years would have been much easier.


There are a lot of things about college that I wish I knew when I was a senior. I was under the impression that college was going to be a better experience than high school and that I’d enjoy it more. I also believed that the college I chose was my perfect fit which, turned out to be disappointing. I didn’t do enough research into my institution; I based my opinions off of what other individuals said or what I read. By not visiting the campus or thoroughly investigating, I put a lot of undue stress into my life. In addition, I would have liked to know that common essentials needed in high school, such as binders and five-spiral notebooks, were not important in college. Loading up on things that weren’t imperative was like flushing money down the toilet. Lastly, I wish I knew that fun in college was only existent if you were part of the “in-crowd” just like high school. If I could go back and tell myself to keep my eyes open more and do more research, I would have saved myself some of the 1st year disappointments.


College is not scary, but it is important. Do not put it off, it may seem like a few months or a few years don't make that big of a difference but they do. The longer you wait, the more you forget, not just the information, the numbers, the formulas, the textbook answers, but how to do it. Thriving in school is a learned skill and if you don't practice it, you lose it. Don't risk losing it, jump in, get it done, because if you don't you will have four kids to provide for and you will have to explain to them why it is important for them to get good grades and go to college but it wasn't important for you. Be someone your kids can look up to, make a future for them and lead by example. Study hard, enjoy learning, have a passion for it, because anything done without passion isn't worth doing at all.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school student, I would tell myself that I should always give my one hundred percent best, and that I should never give up on anything. Even though there can be times that get rough, and you feel like you can't go any further with things, that I should always push through the hard times. I should always take advice from my college teachers, and let them help me whenever I need their help. Also, I would tell myself to pay full attention during high school and to take more notes during high school because once you get into college, you will be taking about five pages of notes each day. The main thing is to never let anything get in your way of pursuing your dreams, always follow them. To end this, I would like to share a quote from Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


It's that time of the year, the last year of high school. Look how far you have come in life! Can you finish it off? Here's some advice for some financial success...Apply for scholarships girl! If you don't start now, you will regret later on. You may be saying in the back of your head that "colleges only admit students by SAT scores and academics", but trying is more positive than saying no to yourself at all. You may have a difficult time thinking about colleges that you want to attend but always remember to apply for scholarships throughout your senior year. Apply to different schools other than your local area. Play basketball instead of going to work after school. The university you will attend after this year will reflect your future. Study everyday that you can so you will be ahead of yourself and believe me, this will help your future. Look for extra volunteering services around your school or in Princeton, many scholarships will be coming up and judges will be looking at you as a wonderful student. Lastly, don't stop until you reach your goals. Press on to succeed!


Dear High School self, Do not listen to your father when it comes to college, follow your heart and apply to every college in the country. The world of education is a large ocean, the college that you want is your Nemo and you are in the sea trying to find it. Just remember to put your all into where ever you go make friends and be happy. The world will keep spinning even when you're frowning. Signed, Your Future Self


Cutting and failing class and taking your teachers for granted has to be one of the stupidest things that you can do. Because of those actions are going affect your chances to attend the college of your dreams. Being cool in high school will not take you anywhere in the future. Even if you think it's uncool to study and care about college JUST DO IT! Because those F and low grade point average may seem unimportant but it will be decisions that colllege admissioners will see. I'm not saying to give up your social life, but for now keep your education a priority. You have the rest of your life to seem cool, but for now think about the career and dreams you want. Trust me one day you're going to thank me for this.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior then I would tell myself that high school is nothing like college and i got to be prepared. I need to make a plan and stick to it but don't look back and keep your head up. I would also tell myself to never give up and keep going. I would also tell myself that you will have to do alot of growning up and the people you talk to know you won't talk to later so do what i have to do to make my college experience much easier. I would also tell myself to make sure you do something you love in college and even if college is hard it is all worth it in the end. College will help you in life and help you get far in life and no matter what moutain comes your way know that you can climb over that moutain and succeed in anything that you want to do and put your mind to. I would also tell myself to have fun in college but still remember what you are there for. To learn.


I would attend a community college for 2 years and then transfer to a four year school. I would have saved alot of money and time if I only knew what direction I was heading and had a goal set in my mind. Unfortunatly I was looking for a college experience that I did not eve experience.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the only advice I would give myself assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior is to let go! I was very content on where I was my senior year. I was selected captain of the cross country, cheerleading, and track team while participating in many clubs and being an active member of The National Honors Society and Spanish Honors Society. I was a well-rounded student as I was able to participate in sports, have a social life, maintain high grades, and have a strong relationship with my family. I thought I had it all my senior year, and I was not ready to let go. Because I was so tied up on high school, when it came to college applications I lacked motivation which resulted in missing deadlines and even being rejected by schools. If I could have told myself that everything would be alright if I let go and accepted the reality of the transition in my life, I would have not been so timid and made better decisions my senior year in high school.


Above all I would advise any prospective high school student to stay curious; or become curious if they are not already! If students could be encouraged to question more and become engaged in dialogue as part of the learning process they will find high school much more enjoyable and much more educational. A related piece of advice would be to cultivate a passion for something; some subject of interest. Look for connections between what you're interested in and what is being taught in the classroom. In most cases they are connected it just takes a little digging to see the connections. Don't rely on your teachers to show you these connections (they may not know about them). Use your curiosity to find them yourself. These discoveries will be more meaningful and educational if you find them yourself anyway.Remember who your peers are. In the global community your peers are not simply your classmates. Take this time to broaden your horizons and recognize how connected everyone and everything is. This sounds like a tall order but using the previous advice it can be done and it can be fun! Just Have Fun.


Visit as many colleges as possible, figure out what programs are offered at each, how it will best applied to you and how it would be paid for. While you don't have to figure everything out in high school it would help to have some direction before entering college and jumping into something you might or might not regret. Have more than one plan, as you will find out the world has several more for you to figure out and without knowing it listen to the advice of your parents, they won't be there for long and their experience is to be much valued, it will help more than you know. Enjoy this time while you can but take advantage of the resources that are provided to you, you have one life to live, and it's yours, don't let anyone else live through you. This is your time to make mistakes and learn from them, and change your mind and your major, nothing is set in stone until you let it be. And enjoy college for what it has to offer.


I would tell myself to not give up after graduating high school. I would tell myself to continue having the drive I always had and to go to college right after high school graduation and get a degree that could help me in my future rather than just having fun not having any responsibilities. I would say "Focus on your goals and don't let yourself get distracted to swayed away from your goals and dreams"


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to really take in all the knowledge they are teaching me as well as apply for a variety of scholarships. I would tell myself to make a list of what you need and to not go shopping last minute for college things. I would tell myself to save up money for text books. I would tell myself to really buckle down. If I had an opportunity to go back in to time to do this, my freshmen year wouldn't be as difficult as people claim it to be. I would also tell myself to becareful with the food. Freshmen 15 is not a joke.


Dear Heather, Life is all about the experience. However, the choices that make up the experience are what define the lessons you learn. Going to college should be exciting and challenging , but nothing you can't handle. Study hard, go to your classes, and most imprtantly have fun. Getting good grades is importnant, but living in a box, better know as your dorm room, isn't worth the opportunities and great people you'll miss out on. Join organiztions that interest you, try something new, create your own club if you want to. Your going to be at a school for four years, make each day one to remember. Be yourself and discover new things along the way. College is just another chapter in the book of your life, your in charge of your story.


Try to get more involved in the extracurricular activities at school by interacting with the students and joining some clubs, but also, the most important thing is to stay focused on your school work.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to look into more schools and send applications in to more schools. Although I enjoy living in a metropolitan area, I should have done more research and found other schools within the area. As a high school senior, I also should have gone on more college visits. I only took a college visit to the school I am currently attending because I thought that there were no flaws. Come to find out, even though the advisor I met with told me I could major in European history, as soon as I was attending the university, I found out that my major isn't offered. Finally, as a high school senior, I would apply for more scholarships and get a job on campus my first semester.


I would tell my self that even though i know how hard it will be that i should keep my sole focus on academics and become more disciplined. I would tell myself don't let pride get the best of you. If you know you need help than ask or if you know the financial struggle just start off slow with a different school. Don't let there be any chance for a set back. Be prepared.


I would tell myself, be yourself. Do not worry about what people might think of you and the choices you have made. You will come to hard roads ahead, but do not worry they will work themselves out. Be friendly and caring like you are now. Be strong and brave.


I would give to my self not to be in Latino Promise.


One day on my way home after an occupying and exhausted day in college, I sat on the bus on my favorite sit, the penultimate one right next to the window, all by myself where nobody could interrupt my thoughts. I put my head on the glass and started wondering; if I could ever go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, what advice would I give myself knowing now about college life? Many answers came and left my mind but only one stayed and answered my question every time I repeated it in my mind. I would tell myself; “just keep doing what you are doing”. Many of my friends graduated before me so I had the chance to ask them to compare and contrast High School and College. Everybody used to tell me exactly the same thing; “college is not High School any more. There you both study hard and burn your eyelashes or you can just go home”. Those words always scared me but something inside myself always told me that they were saying the truth. I got to taste college where High School was my practice for the big transfer.


If I could talk to my high school self I would tell him not to waste so much time in high school and in college. This is my second time as an undergraduate and the first time, and in my first go around I just went to my classes and got involved with the theatre group on campus and that is all I did during my first college experience. This was probably one of the least informed choices I could have ever made. Once I got out of college, my lack of clubs and activities made it that much harder to find jobs and create network connections. Now, at my current university, I am involved in Student Government, the school newspaper, and I still found time to be involved in this school's theatre group. So when I speak to my younger self, I would tell him to not to put off life by waiting so long to try new things and to get involved in more student activities much earlier then I did rather then waiting for life to come calling!


I have became much more self motivated and self reliant from attending college. I can now handle situations on my own that my mother used to handle for me. I also have gained a sense of self confidence through my independence. College has taught me to adapt to a diverse assortment of people and situations.


My experience at Fairleigh Dickinson University couldn’t have been better! In my campus in Teaneck I have every single resource I have needed. Sincerely, I consider myself very lucky to be a student of FDU. Every time I have misunderstood a class my teachers have been there for me, and even when this didn't help there were tutors there for me! I have achieved to become a member of the Honors Program and the Global Scholars Program thanks to all the academic support they offered me. I enjoyed every aspect of my life at FDU. I have class mates from China, India, England, Vietnam, Africa and have met students from all over the world. Even the food at FDU is delicious! There are so many clubs and events that it has been impossible for me to get bored. There is always soemthing to do. I have felt at home at FDU because, honestly, the faculty and personnel at FDU have treated me as if I was their daughter! As I look back at my first semester in FDU there is deffinetely no place I would rather have been, and absolutely the place I want to continue my studying.


I am in a great position to further my education and the institute i chose could not fit me better. From the staff to the student body, everyone is so attentive and will accomidate to your needs--whatever they may be--and they do it while being polite and having a smile on their faces.


What I have gotten from my college education is that knowledge is all enpowering. Without an education, it is hard to accomplish anything in life. My future has been impacted immensely since I have been back in school and I have realized how important it is, and how far you can get with it. Not only the importance of education, but I really enjoy the learning experience and believe that I have not limited myself, but I have broadened my horizons. The best part , is there is no limit! I don't want to miss a day of school because each day is so valuable to the person I am becoming and the career path I have chosen. I am returning back to school and was recently excepted in the medical radiography program and absolutely love everything about it. My clinical rotations are such an awesome experience and I am thankful that hospitals are allowing students to have this hands on experience. I have also came to the realization that I want to have a career that I have a true passion for and I have found it.


College, so far, has been a experience that is unforgetable. As a first year college student I have benefitted in many ways from my experience, so far. My school has truley inspired me to break my boundaries and go beyond my expectations. I have worked hard to get good grades and keep up with any work that is assigned. Being in college has taught me to stand on my own. I now support myself and work hard everyday. Living away from home has taught me to be independent and to stay motivated. To me, college is valuable to attend because my goal in life is to be succesful. I want to prove to myself, and others that I can become someone succesful in the future. I also think attending college is valuable because with a succesful and happy future I will be able to help out my family. I want to be able to provide them with the help that they have shown me. Graduating college has been my dream for a long time, I hope you can see that this is what I want to do with my life, and that is the most valuable part.


So far, my college experience has taught me that in order to be successful, i have to be the pilot in my flight to my future. I shouldn't let others tell me what to do with my life. I should fight in what i believe in, and i should never be too proud to ask for help. I also learned a lot about different cultures that i would never have learned if i weren't surrounded by so much diversity. It has been valuble to attend because it has restored my confidence in myself, and made me believe that if i stick to what i want to do, and go full-force, i will succeed. The information i have learned thus far, i feel isn't just school work, i believe they are life lessons, and i cannot thank my professors enough in making my first year of college worthwhile.


From my college experience to this date, I have learned to appreciate education in a whole new way now that I have to pay for my schooling. Having the responsibility to put myself through college is teaching me the importance of determination, and that without it there is little incentive to succeed. Through college, I am getting a taste of what the real world has to offer, as I am now dependent on myself, and that the push to succeed is all on my shoulders now. College is not mandatory education, but going to college is providing me with the tools that will benefit me greatly in a future job and open many new career opportunities that a high school diploma will not. Attending college is a privilege that I hold dearly, as there are many people that do not get the chance to go to college after high school, and I am doing the best I can to hold myself to a high standard that will make the extra years of schooling worth the time and the money.


I never realized how hard the transition was going to be going from high school to college but the truth is my high school never prepared me for the challenges I would face. Adapting to a new area, making new friends and being away from my family was hard enough for me, and on top of this I filled my financial aid out late and got denied into my apartment because I was only 17 at the time. In my opinion all high schools need to offer a class to teach students life long skills that will help them in the real world. My senior year, I did not take seriously, and because I already had all my credits I took easy classes becuase I figured they would be an easy "A". I did recieved a 3.7 g.p.a. at the end, but if I had to do it all over again I would have taken school a lot more seriously because the scholarship money alone would have been worth it. Looking back I realize how unmotivated I was and how my decisions affect me everyday.


My college experience has been unforgetable for me. I often refer to a diploma as a "Willy Wonka Golden Ticket". I have learned so much about myself while attending school. I can honestly say that I don't think it would have meant that much to me if I had continued my college education immediately after graduating high school. The opportunity for me to return to school many years later has made it that much sweeter. I now know that a higher education is needed in order to achieve stronger employment goals . I have had the opportunity to meet many like-minded students who I can respectfully debate philosophical or literary topics. Experiencing these moments gives me the momentum to continue my studies, no matter how draining it can be to work full time, raise a family and attend classes at night and on Saturdays. I know that in the end, the finished product will be well worth the hard journey.


If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing about college it is that prioritising and starting your work early is the only way to ensure that you wont go crazy doing a ton of work in a short amount of time. That and a nice cup of coffee can keep you running but the energy drinks they give out at midnight breakfast dont help much.


I would tell myself that it is okay to not know what you want to do for the rest of your life yet. I chose a major I thought was interesting and went to a 4-year university. By the end of my sophomore year, I had 12 credits in non-general education classes that. I would tell myself to go to community college and knock out those general education requirements while I was figuring out what I wanted to study. This would save me tens of thousands of dollars and lots of time!!! I could always finish my education at a 4-year university once I had a better idea of what I wanted to do and got some of the mandatory classes out of the way.


If i had the chance to revisit myself from high school I would inform him on all the obstacles he would face. Adapting to College is a huge transition. You come to realize that your town is small compared with all the different communities around. The University also has numerous events, sports, clubs, fraternities and sororities and much more. The Campus is large and contains a great student life. It includes a gym, recreational center, soccer field, softball and baseball field, and a building for the student activities known as the the Student Union Building. College life is delightful, but you must be responible with your grades and financial aid. Finally, I would tell myself to enjoy the experience.


Go back and do more research on each college you have choosen! Do I see myself staying here and learning for four years? What extracurricular opportunities are available on campus? What programs/degrees do they offer? These should be some of the few questions I should have been asking myself when picking a college. Knowing that I have chosen the college that matches my needs and wants ahead of time would have saved me time, money, and happiness. I wish I had done more research and taken time to visit before applying.


Your college years really are the best years of your life. You make life long friends, test your moral character and learn things about yourself that you would have never known otherwise! But don't get so comsued with the fun and friends that you forget the real reason why you're here. To succede, to make something of yourself, and to prove to yourself and everyone who said you couldn't make it that you really are strong and you really can endure!


Knowing what I know now about college, there are a few words of wisdom that I would have like to have taken more to heart my freshman year. For one, never drink anything that sounds like it could possibly breed mosquitoes (ie swamp muck, jungle juice, etc). The people that mix these drinks could put a number of things in them without the drinker ever knowing. I now know that I should never drink anything unless I open it myself or watch someone mix it. Also, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to be in a sorority or fraternity that does questionably sane things on a regular basis. If people don?t want to be your friend because you won?t go through their insane pledge processes than they really don?t value you the way you should be valued in the first place. Lastly, stick to your personal beliefs (religious or otherwise) and professional goals. Remember to always be pleasant and present yourself the best way you can, you never know who can help you out later in life. College is about finding your own path, not treading down the other one with everyone else.


?Hey Maria I?d,? whisper, ?there is 5000 dollars with your name on it? I?d yell to myself! Going back into time I would tell myself this one thing, make my education my job! I spent my summer and part of my senior year looking and searching for a job in order to help myself with my college tuition. I soon realized that being a full time student is a job in itself. When I say I should have made my education my job, full-time, I should have completed more scholarship applications. Because I spent my summer worrying about finding a job, I found my self not making any money at all! Looking back into that dreadful year I know I could have/ should have earned a summation of money by completing scholarships. Eight hours a day with a pen in my hand and a question to ponder would have made me rich. Better yet I would be worry free, stress free, and better focused on my studies now! The advice I give myself and to any person trying to achieve a greater education is to yell at yourself sometimes and make your education your full-time job!


When I was in college, the only thing I used to think is that it doesn't matter the price of your education, what matters is that you feel secure of where you are going to get it. Now, I strongly believe that it really matters how much money you education can cost you because throughout your student career, thinking that you will own so much money after graduate it bothers you and stress you a lot. However, it is very important to choose the right school for you because at the end it is about what you learn, not what your paid.


First i would tell myself to try to raise money and apply to scholarships so that i would have the opportunity of dorming on campus. People who dorm just have a better experience of the college life. Then i would make sure i start training myself to get my work done early and not procarasinate. I would not let college socializing to come in the way of me getting my work done. I would also tell myself to start searching for jobs early so that when i am in college i already have a job. I wouldnt buy my books the minute i get my list of books i would wait for school to start and speak to upperclassmen about buying thier books for cheaper. Ans most importantly i would remind myself that when things get tough just strive foward.


Do not go to a private college unless you are on a scholarship that covers your tuition. Best idea is to go to community for the first two years to pay less for the basic courses, and then transfer. it saves money.


The first thing I would say to a parent or student when searching for the right college is base your decsion on not just one aspect of the school. Eventhough a school may have a top program in what your are going to study it is also important to take into consideration the environment, students, staff, financially suitable, as well as other extra perks they may offer. FDU is a school that not only has one of the best nursing schools in the state, but it has a extremely helpful staff and is always willing to help you gain all the knowledge that you wish to accumulate. Some time you hear people say, "I heard that was a party school". Dont go by comments of others find out first hand. "Party" may not be the correct word, it is important to have a social experience in college it prepares you for life it does not always in include alcohol. Follow your gut when it comes to making your college or university choice. :) AND dont be afraid of going away from home it will make you a stronger and independent individual. REMEMBER TO CHOOSE A CARRER YOU WILL HAVE FUN WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For students: Make sure you include your parents when it comes to choosing colleges. They will help prevent you from getting in over your head financially. It is easy to lose connection and communication with your parents once you live on campus and start governing your own life. Don't keep them in the dark, and try to stay just as connected as you were before you left for college. Parents always know when something is wrong, and can help you move past any problems you are having. For parents: Kids are just as scared of being on their own as you are of letting them go off on their own. Stay connected, but don't smother and try not to pass judgement. College students are stressed out enough as is.


Advice I would give parents and/ or students about finding the right college would be to look into every aspect about the school. Encounters such as academics,class size, social life, diversity, variety, extra curricular activities,tuition,and faculty are very important factors to look in to. Make sure the school suits your personality and comfort level, because you will be spending quite some time there. You should also visit the school ,feel the atmosphere and interact with a few people before making a decision. That also helped me in my college making decision. As for making the most of your college experience I learned one thing that I will never forget. " its what you make of it" . In the end, it is really about what you made out of the school, not what the school made out of you.


I believe that finding the right college is the key to ones success. Students along with parents are vital in making this life chaning decision. To me, it was hard choosing a college that catered to my needs. A balance between academics and personal needs is important. One must take into account not only the ranking of the school in the area one is interested in pursuing a career, but most importantly ambiance. Investigate every aspect of the potential choice, from location to staff. Most of one?s time will be at that particular institution and one needs to feel comfortable and accepted. It is important to remember that a college career prepares one for their future career. It is not all books and information. Look for a school that has hands on training, one that puts the theory into practice. One that doesn?t look for extrinsic grains but rather making an army of well rounded citizens that will make a change in the field they pursue. Another important key is to visit the schools, do not rely on the internet and brochures; go out look and experience. These simple points will make a world of difference.


I advice student and parents to do as much research as possible before making a selection. There are many great colleges out there that students can attend. Also before selecting the schools students should visit the campus and get the sense of home. If the student feel like home when they visit the camput than that's definitely the right college. College is amazing and getting the best of it is the number one thing students should look forward too. There is nothing better than recieving an education where the student feels comfortable and enjoys every second of it. Finding the right school is the most accomplishing task after graduating high school.


When looking for a college that suits you the best, you really have to think about a lot of things. You have to worry most of all if you are going to be comfortable and feel as if you are at home where you will be going to school. You do not want to go to a school where you are going to wish that you were home every single day because then you are going to have a bad experience there. Being comfortable is very important. Also, you want to find out about surrounding areas, what kind of people will be attending the school, what kind of professor and if the school has the major that you are interested in. There are so many things that you have to think about when looking for the correct college but I would say to just make sure that you are comfortable there.


Make sure you visit on the weekends overnight to make sure that it is really where you want to be. Make sure you are really going to enjoy being there.

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