Fairmont State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who enjoys small town envirnoment where everything is close walking distance.


I believe that more of a variety of people would greatly add to the school and the atmosphere. At the same time though I believe that to attend this school you should have an open mind. People here are down to earth, friendly, and stick to themselves to a certain level. It is a fresh of breath air from the usual high school drama. It has many great art classes and a great gym in the Falcon Center. So anyone that is an athlete or wants to join the arts program should go to Fairmont State.


Fairmont State is an excellent school for students who are self starters that are inquisitive and want to further their education. From Fairmont State I developed a good solid foundation that prepared me for my Master's Degree program. I am now working on my PhD and believe that Fairmont State prepared me for my educational journey and career!


The type of person that should attend this school should have the personality that is discipline, self learner and determined. The reason that i mention those three characteristics is because they teach how to be responsible and discipline by making you study as if everyday is a test day.


I would say that anyone looking to better themselves and further their education should consider attending Fairmont State University.


The person attending this school should not expect to get preferential treatment outside of the local area just by saying the name of the school. Laid back students who enjoy a challenge but aren't looking to break themselves working will do best at Fairmont State because while the workload is big at times it's not something you're going to have spend every waking moment working at.


The student needs to be responsible and self sufficient.


A open minded person would like this school there many different types of people here


Anyone that is looking for a school that is fun and not too big or too small. Someone that wants to get a good education while still being able to have a good time with ur friends. Someone that wants to have a nice campus where everything is close to everything else and where u dont have to walk miles to get to where u need to go.