Fairmont State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The classes are generally smaller.


Small school . Get more one on one learning. Close to home. Nice comminuty.


It is small and you get to know everyone pretty well.


The best thing about my school is probably the size. It's much bigger than my high school but not too big. There is still one-on-one interaction in the classrooms between teachers and students and I feel a lot more comfortable in a smaller classroom setting. It's also good because you know a lot of people but it's not that everyone knows every aspect of a person's life like in high school.


The size of this school is great. It's not too large, but not too small either. You are able to get to know your classmates and teachers well, and have connections that can carry throughout your years here as you progress through your major.


The best thing about the school would have to be the diversity of programs, both academic and extracurricular, that are available. The support system for clubs is currently undergoing some changes, but has not been difficult to use in the past and should not become any more difficult now. It is relatively easy to create a new club if a small number of people want to try something that isn't currently available.


The best thing about my school of choice is the effort the faculty put into students education. The professors I have had so far have went far and beyond what they are required to do so the students understand what they are teaching. They talk to us like we are people and they adjust their teaching techniques to each student.


Fairmont State University is a small, but very welcoming school. The staff and faculty go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of every student on campus. I love the fact that it is very small and home-like. You see many of the same people on a daily basis but no so much as to feel like you're absolutely trapped in a small school environment. The on campus activities overrun the place. Between the many student organizations and student involvment, there is never a dull moment. I can't get enough of FSU!