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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is an experience that is one of a kind. I not only get a great education by attending college but I also learn valuble life lessons. College has taught be to be more dedicated, focused, and responsible. Going to college will open many doors for me in life and that makes me excited for the future. I feel honored and blessed to be lucky enough to attend college because I know that not everyone gets this great opportunity. The number one reason that college has been so valuble to attend is because knowledge is the one thing that nobody can take away from me. I can lose many things in life but my knowledge is something that I can keep with me forever. I apply for scholarships in hopes to recieve the financial help I need to keep going to school. I have always had the dream of attending nursing school. I know that no matter what I will succeed in that dream. College has also taught me to never give up and I hope one day I can help many people with the knowledge I plan to gain through nursing school. Thank you very much.


Attending college is very valuable for my future because I need to be successful. My college experience in the first place, has given me a much needed boost in self confidence. Now I am aware of my goals and the actions needed to accomplish my goals. Meanwhile I've gained positive feelings knowing I'm a small piece of the big picture. For example being a part of the college movement is upbeat and refreshing. Specifically, to me the most rewarding experiences are those interactions and relationships forged between a student and a teacher . The one on one time spent with an instructor is priceless. For instance a teacher can be the college students greatest resource. They communicate essential thoughts and ideas necessary for personal development. In conclusion, attending college is fundamental to me because the knowledge obtained provides significant benefits for my personal growth. Thus college is vital and guarantees my family's, and my future career success.


I've learnt about good time management and financial management. To get a successful college life, we really need to plan everything beforehand. College is many young adult's first step to experience living like an adult, paying bills and taking good care of themselves. For the very first time, we have to judge right from wrong all by ourselves, clean up after ourselves, and most-importantly, for most of us, be away from our parents. We get the opportunity to learn what a decent communication skill is. We get to meet different people and learn from each other. The true meaning of "friend" could be discovered in college because whoever you met in college, they always turn out to be the one who can most-likely help you in the future. Attending a college also provide us a great chance to turn our passion into our profession. The things we dreamt when we were young could all become real, we dreamt to be a professional, we finally implement it. College is where our life as an adult truly starts. Everybody develops and improves during college, academically or mentally.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is meeting people and learning new things. I have met all different types of professors and their teaching styles of each class. I have learned new things from classes for my major and classes not related to my major but are required and it has given me a taste of everything. I also have learned that even when it gets tough you have to just push yourself and keep going to get where you want to be. It is valuable to attend because it can benefit you through different experiences and help you intellectually and financially. In addition after all this hard work you've been through it will pay off in the future once you start your career from your college life lessons and you can enjoy what you do because it’s your passion.


Confidence. What I've gained from my college experience is confidence. Confidence to face the world, ready to start what I hoped to achieve with my college education. Attending college is such a valuable thing because it gives you the firm ground you step on in order to start something with your life. College gives you the knowledge on how to live the life you want. I am someone who hates anything unplanned, especially regarding my future. Attending college gave me the direction and confidence I needed to start. It answered so many of my questions and eased my uncertainty. While the future is still unknown to me, I now know what steps I have to take in order for me to face it.


I feel like the overall college experience at FIDM is very different from that of a large university. I knew since my interview to attend FIDM, that I would need good time managmenet skills. That really has never been a problem for me before but now I know its something the school stresses on. I wish I would of known that you really cannot procrastinate on homework at FIDM. The homework isnt necessarily difficult but is very time consuming and usually requires a lot of thought. If you dont take time and really plan out your schedule you really get caught in a difficult and uneccersary stressful situation. Also, unlike high school where you could sometimes get away with something you did last minute, it is not like that at FIDM. You really have to try and produce good quality work to recieve a good grade. The professors here do not baby you and are preparing you for the highly intense fashion industry.


Believe in yourself, this is the school of your dreams. While the work seems daunting and demanding this is everything you want. Never doubt your abilities or your passion for our goals, you will get anywhere you want. Don't get caught up in the shininess of a new school and new people, they will be there when you come up for air from homework. There is always homework! This is all a labor of love, to desing it what you were born to do. Soak it all up, the time goies by fast.


I would tell myself that there will be alot of independant decisons I will make. It is important to make the right choices in all areas of college life, right classes, right friends, right school. Another area is to understand the importance of prioritiizing and staying on a good schedule. There are many projects that you face in college and it is of utmost importance to know what needs the most amount of time put into it. Realize that this is a new chapter of life, enjoy it, be wise and have fun.