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They have one of the best film programs and its the cheapest school around.


One of the most unique things about Fitchburg State College, is how they are able to make classes sizes smaller. This allows for a much better education due to the attention teachers are able to give you. I have talked to friends that are attending other colleges and they say how big and non personal their classes are. At FSC you dont have that problem.


Small classrooms make it an easy transition from high school to college and make the learning experience more comfortable. Smaller classrooms also allows more 1 on 1 time with the teacher if you're having trouble with the class.


The communication media program has a lot of excellent equipment. The teachers seem to be really good when you first meet them, but they definetely have their flaws.


This School is a smaller campus that allows you to be comfortable and not have to walk very far distances also it is a very nice well put together with many newly paved streets and furnishings. Its a great small school for people who are worried about getting lost in a large campus. I love this School


The classes are only about 25 to 30 students, sometimes less. The faculty are very helpful and friendly. The students are pretty nice and easy to get along with. The school is well kept as well as shoveled quickly and salted when needed. There are banks, food stores, gas stations, Dunkin Donuts, library, fire station in very close proximity to the campus.


What is unique about Fitchburg is its dedication to student interests. The college offers a vast number of majors and minors with specific concentrations that cater to different fields of each area of study.


Fitchburg state is so student oriented. our president goes by "pres bob " everyone knows everyone and anyone is willing to help a fellow falcon out. i love the homey feeling, even though i live off campus :)


I attended my school because the major i wanted was highly recommended at this school. Nothing was unique about it my parents could not afford to send me any where else and i did not want to attend a community college.


number one nursing school in the nation (2008)


The faculty at my school really make it unique. Atleast in my major track, I have met some very knowledgeable and interesting professors. Many of them are willing to put in extra time outside of the classroom to help their students.


This school was a liberal camps which made it a very enjoyable place to be.


The unique thing about my school compared to other schoosl that I considered was that Fitchburg State College treated me like I was suppose to be treated. The other schools that I looked at when I was thinking about transferring gave me attitude and I did not want to give them my money if they were going to treat me like that. I thought it was rude and disrespectful. But Fitchburg State College took me in and treated me like I was already one of their students.


I think Fitchburg State is unique because it offers the same education and college atmosphere that people want but with a more personal touch to it. Instead of being stuck in a class of fifty or more students your in a regular sized classroom of 30 or less and get a chance to speak out as an indivdual rather than a face in a crowd. This type of expiernce can be very helpful in allowing a student to surpas thier potenial and go above and beyound what is asked or considered normal for a college student.


The film program is great, because it's small size allows for a more personal and hands-on experience. All the knowledge I've gained the past 3 years of school has allowed me to build my own 501(c)(3) film organization even before I've graduated!