Fitchburg State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A driven, motivated, determined person should attend this school. Students who enjoy hands on experiences, and the ability to converse with their professor on a personal and more private basis about difficulties they may be experiencing in the course of study. This university has updated and renovated many of their science buildings, which have given new students oppurtunities to experience updated equipment. Students who want to live on campus should also attend this univeristy. Their renovated, convienient, and modernized dorms mirror some immenidies that one may have at their home. It is a very inviting campus.


The kind of person that should attend my school is committed, hard worker, determined to succeed. They should have a career goal that they are determined to achieve. There are profesors and other professionals that are always available to help them succeed in life and have a great life.


Anyone wishing for a small school experience


someone that knows what they want and is willing to work hard fo it


Based on my experience here at Fitchburg State, any kind of person should attend this school. It's more affordable than other schools I looked into. The education that my peers and I receive at Fitchburg State are equal to the education of the costly big name schools of my state. There are many activities on campus that get everyone involved, including the commuters. There are many sports, clubs, etc to choose from that it is hard to decide what to do. If you are looking to be very sociable and educated then Fitchburg State is the place for you.


Those who are interested in the arts, particularly filmmaking, should attend this school. There is a very strong communications program. I have also heard that the education department is very good. Also, anyone who wants a quality liberal arts education for an affordable price.


Any type of person could join this school. I would recommend it to anyone that I meet. It is a great campus where the teachers care about you and want you to have the best education you can. Anyone is welcome


In my oppinion Fitchburg State College Is the type of college where dedicated people should go to accomplish their hopes of making something of themselves. You honestly have to have a lot of determination to make it through graduation.


Any type of person should attend this school. There is something here for everyone. All of the programs offered at this school are amazing and there are many choices. There are also many programs that help people feel welcome. The staff at the school is very accomodating.


Those attending FSC should be ready to work hard and interact with others. While there are not tons of group work in every class, discussions and other forms of student-student communication are generally required.


Students who want to become involved socially and academically in their college experiance. Fitchburg is what you make out of it. If you are a driven student who loves to learn from professors who are at the top of their field, join clubs and organizations, and make a difference in a community than Fitchburg is the perfect place for you.


A person who wished to learn and do whatever they want to do in life. Doesn't matter if you are an undergraduate or graduate. Classes are small and you work one on one with your professors to ensure the quality education. Also, FSC offers many extracurricular activities and involves itself with many different types of charitable work. Overall, this school is amazing.


Any type of person we have all different types at this school and everyone get along very nicely. There are many sports teams and music groups as well a many different clubs that anyone can belong to. TONS of FUN


FSC offers such a diverse experience that nearly any type of person would fit right in. The school offers a number of different intermural and varsity sports and different clubs from English to Ultimate Frisby. There is also an incredibly diverse student population and a great emphasis on artistic pursuits.


anyone !


People attending Fitchburg State College should be career minded, and enjoy a small school community.


Someone who is willing to make the best of his or her college experience and likes to be involved.