Fitchburg State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that on-campus employment is very competitive and that I should have been more assertive and proactive in applying for a job before I even started school.


I wish I knew more about the application and financial aid process.


what the area and the employment was like and how the transportation is in the Fitchburg area


Considering the fact that I am only a transfer student and havent started yet I cant give an honest answer on the matter.


More specific information about my major and the surrounding neighborhood. Mainly, I wish I'd known more about my program of study in general so I would have known what kinds of pertinent questions to ask. I was unpleasantly surprised to find frustrating restrictions holding back my projects as well as neighborhood problems as I journeyed through my first semester; had I known about them, I likely would have been deterred from attending the college. Know your standards and your college's requirements and constrictions, and never hesitate to ask questions about any part of the school.


that it is hard for a commuter to connect with other students


RELAX once in awhile. Everybody stresses, so go for a walk, take a breather, its not the end of the world.


I wish I had known what the cafeteria food was like because I probably would have gotten a less expensive food plan.


I wish that I have known more about the professors.


It is really important to have something else to do other than classes like joining a club on campus. It allows you to make friends and manage your priorities. It is great to socialize but you need to remember that your classes are why you came here so make sure you do well in those because it will kick you in the ass later if you don't take things seriously now.


they did such a wonderful job letting us know every detail-- from the good to the bad before we applied. very honest and trustworthy; they let us know the real deal of fitchburg state


I wish I had known that my financial aid department was lacking, and that I would really have to be on top of that process myself; even having to check up on their work.




Parking is not so great, very first come first serve.


That the commute was about an hour from where I live.


I would not wish to know anything before going to school. Everything I have come to know and learn were designed to happen at the exact moment that they happened. I came to truely know myself in college and my life has been different ever since. The friendships that I've made are beyond any that were before and the knowledge I have obtained will forever dwell in my memory. Not knowing things in the future is part of the adventure of college and life.


more about the surrounding area. it gets pretty quite on the weekends, and there are things to do on campus, but some of the off campus places in fitchburg are sketchy, and i would have like to have known more about the area.


I had lerned so much and I will continue. Bay