Florida Southern College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Florida Southern College is very small and it is easy to get to know everyone. Classroom sizes are also small (up to 40 people max) so students can really interact and get to know the teacher. The teachers are very passionate with their work and make themselves as accessable as possible to help each and every student. There are also many opportunities offered such as tutor tables or afterclass sessions to further help students in specific subjects.


The Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture, and being one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation.


Florida Southern is best known as the number 1 most beautiful campus in the nation. There are beautiful landscape designs, a lot of trees and the way that the campus is shaped makes it easier to manuvere around.


Our school is best known for being the most beautiful campus for two years in a row now, and having Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Every year the Princeton Review announces which college or university is the most beautiful in the country, and so far Florida Southern has surpassed other institutes. Some may say it is due to the fact that we have Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, or from our scenery and agriculture.


Florida Southern College is well know for its beautiful campus, and small class size.


We are known for our small, personal size campus. Also, we have one of the largest collections of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. The campus is beautiful with this combination of gardens, architecture, and small campus.


Florida Southern is best known for the Frank Loyd Wright architecture. Many tourists arrive on campus daily to look at the buildings and students hear about the school because of Mr. Wrights name. What attracks many students is the small class sizes. The students to professor ratio is 13:1. This allows classes to be extremely small, no more then 30 students, and it allows a lot of one on one time with the professor.


Music, Business, Nursing.


Frank Lyod wright. and teaching skills, small communtiy


Florida Southern is best known for the architecture done by Frank Loyd Wright.


It has a really good education department.


small classes, and great teachers


Academics, love, peace, liberal, arts, conservative bashing and fun anti-pop concerts in the area. Please don't make me write anymore. This questionaire sucks cock


Honestly I don't. Maybe the lake that it sits on?


Frank Lloyd Wright architecture


Florida Southern College is best known for being smaller in size, but big in learning. It is also known for its liberal ways. Its Methodist based, but is always encouraging students to find their own way to worship.


Being really good at sports and very good in the arts program. Also is known for Frank Loyd Wright archtecture. Its a small school with a great social environment.