Florida Southern College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would say the food (many people complain about mold and rats in the cafeteria) and the dormitories (which also contain mold and unsanitary bathrooms). Furthermore, we were required to pay for the largest meal plan as first year students and with these unacceptable food conditions, our money is going to waste.


There is not a lot of socio-economic diversity. For lower class students, not uncommon to feel out of place because of finances.


The worst thing about Florida Southern College is parking. There is only limited amount of parking. Sometimes it is hard to find a parking space. In the morning, I have to make sure I leave enough time to find a parking spot before class.


This year the curriculum switched, so the students really had to battle with their incoming credits, what classes counted, what classes needed to be taken, and etc in the scheduling department. The curriculm change caused so many issues with scheduling that I went through three class changes and kept only one class from my first schedule in the end.


The worst thing about Florida Southern College is the student life. I was a commuter student and it was very difficult to get involved in activities on the campus. It seemed that most of the activities and socializing happened to those who lived in the dorms and saw each other all the time. Also, the events that were planned were few and far between. I remember going to one event and there were only five other people there. I guess what bothered me the most about it was I didn't feel like a college student.


The worst thing about my school is the size. I think it is too small for my personal preference, and it makes me feel like I am in high school again. Although I also like the fact my school is small, sometimes I wish everyone didn't know everything about each other. I really love my school, and I can't really pick out many bad things about it. Even the size, at times I don't like it, but for the most part it is nice to have a nice close community.


The way some departments get overlooked if they are not a "business" department.


The financial aid office... they are not organized and rarely helpful on the first try,


too many stuck up people


Many of the professors weren't all that research oriented.


It doesn't have a football team.


It's so costly. I love this school and I wouldn't go to another one if I didn't have to. I may have to next Fall, but I'm hoping that if I get as many scholarships as possible I may be able to stay!


The worst thing about this school, in my opinion, would be the strict course attendance policies. They are heavily enforced unless there is a viable excuse for being absent and some of the smarter people, like myself do not want to sit through lectures already knowing the material. It is simply a matter of just doing it but it can become severly annoying at times.


Although there is religious tolerance on campus, there isn't religious awareness and acceptance; the same goes for sexual orientation. As a non-Christian student, I do not feel represented, but I don't feel excluded, either. Many people on campus who are Liberal, non-Christian, and differ in sexual orientation, all clump into the same group-that is dwarfed at times by the opposite of what we represent. FSC counters it by promoting friendship and getting involved on campus in order to meet diverse people.