Florida Southern College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I knew it was expensive, but I wish I had gotten a higher GPA in high school so that I could receive more scholarships to pay for everything. It's very expensive and I wish I would've picked a school that was less expensive.


Jobs are difficult to get in the area The campus is old, so the ground is uneven causeing a lot of tripping The food is awesome What classes were required for my major and minor, including the gen ed That extra curricular requirements do exist


Nothing, I love it!


Like with every school, I wished I would have been more prepared with knowledge of what teachers to take in what courses. I wished i would have been more involved and becoming aware of what the enviroment was like. I really enjoy every second of it.


I wish I knew how segregated the school was when it came to social activites and friendships. I also wish I knew how much money I would be spending when it came to books, food, clothes and other expenses that are not included in the tuition. I wish I knew what time everything closed in and around campus.


how small it was in terms of people knowing everything that goes on...everything


All the different minors available.


What i wanted out of life, as opposed to wanted to do with my degree


Future financial situations in my family. I really wish I knew that I'd need money. That my mom may become homeless, that my parents may get a divorce, or even that Bright Futures didn't pay for as much as I thought it might. I have 75%, but because I go to a private school, it helps me very little. (But it does help!)


I actually learned alot about the school prior to attending, due to the fact that I visited the college. However, I wish that I knew the challenges involoved with my choice in programs of study. The challenges of not being a typical classroom.


I wish I had known the layout of the actually campus and the website a little bit better.


How different college really is from highschool. It took me a little while to adjust, but I like college much better than highschool.