Florida Southern College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Florida Southern College is a great school to attend because they work with the students to succeed. There is a low student to teacher ratio; therefore, it is easier for a student to connect with the teacher and lessons.


I love how everyone is so friendly and caring and if you go out and try to get the answers you want they will answer you straightforward and no one will give you much hassle. I love the architecture around the campus but most of all I love the class sizes. The classes are small and quaint which makes for a more personal feel not too much different from your typical high school and I love how the professors know you by name. I love my college.


The ability to meet one on one with professors to get any additional help.


I love the fact that the campus always seems to be "giving you a hug," that everyone is so friendly, and the fact that since it is a small school, you aren't just another number, you can actually build great relationships with your professors.


My school is very small; therefore the classes are small and professors can easily get to know you as a person and give you one-on-one attention if you need it!


Relationship between the students and professors.


The best thing about Florida Southern is the enviroment, and its atmoshpere. Everyone is nice and friendly, the school isnt to big so i can interact in the class if i have any questions. A plus with playing a sport is meeting great new friends i still talk to now. All in all this has been one of the best experiences in my life and i wouldnt change it.


The best part about being at Florida Southern is that a student is more then a number; the professors and other students know eachother by name. The community that is built at school is one that will last a life time. Everyone depends on one another when there is a crisis and when there is joy. It is truely a college family.


Most of the teachers are wonderful and very knowledgable in their fields. I think this is the best thing because if I'm going to learn, I ought to learn from people who know what they're teaching.


The best thing about my school is the small campus and also the small rooms. it allows you to be an individual and not a number.