Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That FSCJ is really as nice and amazing as their website makes them look.


I wish I would have know that in collegeif you don't study, you won't do good. I never studied in high school and did great! But in college if I don't study the outcome is not as great. I would have made a habit back in high school to study.




I wish I had known the importance of AP credits and other credits so speed up the GE requirements.


There isn't much, as my mother and sister both attended here before myself.


Some course descriptions were inaccurate as far as what course material was to be covered, i.e. a Math course was to be a continuation of a previous course when in actuallity totally different material was presented.


I wish i would have known all they have to offer. There are alot of great things that the school offers such as a gym, extra tutoring and etc.


i wish i have known that i can take online classes and take classes on the campus


I wish I had known how different college is from high school. I attempted 8 classes while working 30 hours a week and volunteering about 20 hours each week. Unlike high school, no one coddles you or accepts excuses for missed classes and classwork. Eight college classes will weigh you down with more work than eight high school classes. It would have been nice to have someone telling me to slow down.


I wish I knew the variety of elective classes to choose from so that I would have been able to take things like sign language, Pilates, or other things like that sooner.


During high school I took work based courses for the last 2 years of school when I could have been taking college placement courses instead.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known the steps to take to apply for scholarships and financial aid. I also would have liked to know more about the book buying process.


i wish i had known that this school didn't have A football team.


I wish I had known that students can defer their books through financial aid.


That it was so great, convient and cheaper. I would have begun here in the first place, instead of attending a university which I know have a bill for, including a meal plan & room and board that I didn't use.


I wish that I knew more about the professors at the school. It's difficult to find out about the professors at the school when the majority of them are not on ratemyprofessor.com. However, almost all of the professors that I have had were amazing and taught me really well.


Nothing. I feel like I was well prepared for college.


The school I attend is ok so far.......But I wish i would have started college soon after high school instead of wait.


I actually attended this school before in the past, when I was not focused on my education or future. There was nothing that I was unaware of before attending college this time, other than the way internet courses have evolved from what I last experienced.


I wish I had been able to get more scholarships so that way I would be able to stay out of debt while in college.