Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my college is the extra effort and attention the faculty gives you to make sure you are successful in your classes. The teachers are always willing to put in an extra effort to reach your goals. The school is also a fantastic place to help you financially. I was unable to receive any aid for my choral classes and the college paid for them. Being a part of the music program is very therapeutic. It helps me deal with my post-traumatic stress.


The faculty is amazing, if you have a problem, anyone is willing to help you whenever you need help.


The price of tuition was very cheap compared to other state universities.


I like Florida State College at Jacksonville because I believe it is the "underdog" of colleges. It just recently changed from a community college to a state college, so I believe the school, as well as the students, are not thought of as highly as students that attend,say, UNF. From what I've learned through my professors, FSCJ is actually ranked very high in the nursing program and provides just as many, if not more opportunities, after graduation. In addition to being the underdog, it's also a third to a fourth of the price compared to surrounding schools.


The best thing about my school is their flexibility and the large amount of classes that are offered. Because there a multiple campuses, I am always able to get the classes that I want!


The library because they have around the clock staff that is there for you.


that there are multiple locations around town.


The best thing about my school is the help I can receive when needed because that is important. Who wants to be somewhere that no one wants to help them?


The best thing about my school, would have to be the environment. At south campus, I am more than confident that i have all the tools that i need to succeed in my college career. Also, the teachers there are more than helpful. The environment its young, fresh, and inspiring. Those attributes make school something to look forward to everyday.


The best thing about attending my college (Florida State College at Jacksonville) is the small class sizes and the interaction and personal instruction that I receive from the professors. The college is large enough to provide both a diverse student body as well as a wide range of opportunities for everyone. The student body is diverse in age, experiences and cultural background which allows everyone at the college to learn as much from each other as they do from the classes that they are attending.


Our location in downtown is the best thing. We can easily walk to the park or walk to the Jacksonville Landing and grab a bite to eat.


The fact that the classes are smaller than 30 students. Which means more teacher to student one on one time.


Best thing about my school is the fact that they have people who care about your success and are willing to help you. They also have tons of classes to pick from including nights, morning, and weekends.


The best thing about my school would have to be that it is open to whoever wants to finish or start their college quest. We all know big universities are very picky on to whom they choose and you need near perfect scores to even be consider into those universities. Not at FCCJ, they allow anybody to come and grow academics wise. I think that would have to be the best thing about my school.


There are many great things about my school, but the best attribute is the schools online network blackboard. Through blackboard, all students are able to access all information about the college, as well as communicate with administrators, professors and students. Blackboard also provides up to date academic reports that allow all students to keep track of grades, degree progression and counseling services. I feel blackboard an instrumental tool for college success.


It's relativly inexpensive compared to most schools.


I consider the best thing about this school is how many different campuses they have. There are over six campuses, so you never have an interruption in completing your degree. Most classes are offered at all the campuses, so there is always a convient location to attend.


The very best thing about my college FCCJ is that the teachers are extremely helpful and actually want you to succeed. I have attended several different colleges throughout my college career and can honestly say FCCJ is my favorite one. They have several campus' in Jacksonville so you can attend the one that is closest to your home or if you are working your way through college like myself, you can attend the campus closest to your work place. Another wonderful thing about FCCJ is the free tutoring they have avaliable to students. It honestly is one of the best.


The best thing about FCCJ is all the options/versatility available for students. Taking a few online classes has allowed me to spend more time with my family, and volunteer in the community. The versatility of classes available always surprise me. I am also able to attend classes in multiple campuses that FCCJ offers. This gives me the opportunity to not only connect with old friends, but meet new people.


It is very helpful if you have any questions or concerns. The teachers are very friendly and encouraging. My school is about 30 mins. from my house so the advisor made it very helpful that all my classes were close together so I wouldnt have to drive there and back more than once a day. The falculty at the school is also very helpful with books, decals, and finding classes.


DEFINETLY the professors. I have had teachers that have gone so far out of their way to help me that it baffles me. I am graduating this semester and although excited to move on....I will miss the experience.


I go to FSCJ Kent Campus. They are very artsy, green, and it has a relaxed enviorment. The faculty are alot nicer here.


It's openness to your schedual, I work two jobs and still can go to school full time. Teahcers are very understanding of this as long as you put in the work.


The environment is the best thing about FSCJ. There isn't an air of individualism at a lot of universities, but at FSCJ there is. We have the ability to start any club, hold any event and suggest any class. It doesn't feel like you're being rushed out of the college either like at most schools, they allow you to take your time and explore what you want to get out of life.


I believe that the best thing about my school is that it is open to everyone. It doesn't matter the gender, sex, or race. I feel very welcome...