Fullerton College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I first enrolled to my current college, I wish I had known the classes that are required or advised to take in high school or early in college so that I can take advanced level courses in college. If I had been more prepared in high school, I would have saved time and money by taking the classes I really need during my enrollment at my college. There are times when I regret not taking classes that prepares you for a college level courses such as foreign language or computer science.


I wish I was told that the parking would be difficult to find and there were not that many places to study.


I do wish I was informed earlier about the classes avalibility and the time I would need to put in to get my desired classes. I wish I knew abut how hard the classes were when I started and how demanding the projects the professors put on the group's grade. I wish I was informed on how to get the classses I need for my major to transfer to a university. I wish I knew how the school could help with school and work balance so that students could make a small living and go to school as well.


In high school, I was stressing out about financially getting into a college but Fullerton College helped out tremendously. However, now I should be graduating after this semester and I am planning to attend the University of La Verne which is more costly.


I honestly wish i would have tried to get straight into a university instead of choosing to go to community college. I was unsure of my future and believed that by going to a community college it would have time to figure it out. I do believe Fullerton College is a great school, but i do wish I would have applied to a Cal State or UC.


I wish i had known the parking conditions better.


Competition to get into classes is quite fierce. You should know which classes you want to take before you register and have plenty of backup classes in case you don't get your first choice.


Before coming to this school I wish I would have realized that there are people here at this school who are willing to help me. If I had realized this sooner, I probably would not have been so fearful of coming to college.


I wish that I had known that success not only depends on you, but also on the quality of the people you surround yourself with. This includes your teachers, counselors, family and friends. Take care to recognize when a person is holding you back and in essence hindering your academic performance. Take the time to GET TO KNOW your instructors. It is important that they understand how much you care about your education and that they separate you from the rest of the students. Surround yourself with people that aid you to succeed.


I wish I had researched more about my general education requirements and the matriculation needed rather than waiting to the end and having to take pre-requisite classes in order to get to the degree courses.