Gallaudet University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


deaf people


The best way I can describe my school is a deaf institution that was established since 1864. The VERY first deaf university in the world in the United States. This it the best university I have ever chosen, and I am still attending now. Gallaudet University have over fifty major of studies for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Gallaudet cares about the student and they want them to succeed in school and hopefully they get a job in their future.


Gallaudet University is best known for recent protest to overthrow newly selected president.


Gallaudet University is known as ONLY liberal arts university for deaf and hard of hearing students from all over the world.


Our school is best known for being the only Deaf university in the world. We're known to be very accomodating towards Deaf people, and while we're not a perfect university, we do try. We have this awesome, tight-knit sense of community where everyone knows each other (wait...that could be a bad thing too!), and the alumni is very involved, since they were Deaf, too, and some of their kids attend Gallaudet also. We're also known for striking protests when our President doesn't meet our needs. We're, in two words, Gallaudet University.


as a deaf univeristy. A good place to get education at if you want to major in education or business. Psychology too.