Gallaudet University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?




-football games -basketball games -rock climbing I am not involved with any groups here, there are really not many student groups except for professional organizations, churches, frats. most students live in the dorms, they look like prisons unless you are a grad student, dark grey brick walls, shared bathrooms - there is really not a lot to do here, make you own fun by drinking in your room - there are lots of bars within walking distance of the campus, if you are over 21, you are most likely at the bars if you don't have homework that night (until the end of the semesters you most likely won't have homework)


I am not a good judge of this one - football games seem popular. There is a vibrant party scene. Gallaudet is in the middle of DC, though, a lot of people take their social lives off-campus.