Geneva College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is fairly conservative, and while some professors and students are rather closed-minded, they usually respect those whose views differ from their own.


It is a very friendly place.


A school with a strong emphasis on Christianity, community, calling and classwork. (I was going to say learning instead of classwork, but it didn't start with "C"....


Geneva college is filled with caring staff and wise proffesors. With this combination i have grown in my learning ablilities as well as develop who i want to be. I have been able to challenge myself to think and process what i'm learning in order to understand my worldview. Creativity, decernment, values, relationships and responsiblity have all be cultivated into what they are now due to my time at Geneva College.


ODU can be a great school depending on who you hang with, but i feel that no matter which group you belong to, school will be memorable, just some more than others.


My school is a very positive, religious community where everyone is willing to listen to each other and has their best interests in mind.


Geneva is a Christ-centered, friendly, and very Protestant private school with good programs and amazing people.


Geneva College is affiliated with the Reformed Presbyterian church and is very focused on academics.


Geneva college is the college that very perosn seeking guidence and education should attend, it is well balenced, wel lmanaged, and the proffesor are whta make this campus the amzing place that it is!


Geneva College is a christian school that cares about the lives of it's students.


Reforming and transforming in a postmodern world.




Bunch of pussy whipped piece of shits.


Geneva College is like a family; parents, brothers, sisters, and quirky uncles all included.