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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Visit all of them and make sure you have the chance to talk to real students on campus instead of just the admissions office. Real students are more of an accurate reflector of what your college experience will be like.


I would say that you should look on a couple of different dimensions. The most obvious is the programs of study (is it what you want to study? does it provide opportunities? is an internship required? also, if you dont stick with this program, does the school offer other programs you might like to pursue?) Another important thing to remember is that you will have to live by the school rules so make sure they are not too strict (or too lenient). What is the attitude of the college toward the rules? Are they legalistic or are they willing to flex a little? Finally, do you like the campus and the people you meet? This place will literally become your home. You better like it.


VISIT!!! : )


Make sure to visit the colleges that you are applying to. You have to make sure that it feels comfortable, a place where you aren't stressed out at just trying to find where everything is. Some people are good with large colleges, some are not. Make sure to find what is right for you, don't select a college just because a friend is going there. You have to keep your academic success as a top prioriety!


Smoke weed.


Don't worry too much about finding the best school for your major; you might decide you like another field of study more. Go to a school that none of your friends are going, so you don't cling to one social group. Find a school that matches your values as much as possible. That said, challenge your values; are they what you want them to be? Seek out professors who will challenge but not condemn you. When you're at college, look for opportunities to talk to people that you wouldn't normally. College doesn't exist to entertain you, so make your own fun! Try something new every day: take a Jai Alai course, cook a stir fry, wear a silly hat to class, make pancakes on the street for passerby. There are opportunities everywhere to learn more about yourself and other people. Take enough credits that you can excel but still have time for some extracurricular activities. If you have much free time, try an on-campus job, even if only for couple hours a week. Above all, live with intention and take initiative, don't be a passive observer. This is your time to shine!


Visiting a college is a great way to get feel for it and how you might like it. However, the most important aspect of my decission was praying to God for guidance. I know that he wanted me here, even though it was no my first choice that i thought I wanted, I know it worked out in the end for the best.


Start looking early.


The best advice i would give is to visit the college and talk to a wide variety of students to better get a feel for the college.


What college you attend is an extremely important decision. It will affect you for the rest of your life. It's best to actually sit down and discuss what you are truly looking for in a college. Once you have the initial list of prefered criteria, begin searching for schools that meet your prerequisites. Don't accept a school that you feel you will be uncomfortable with. There are thousands of schools, and there must be one that you will thoroughly enjoy and succeed at. Also remember to consider your dedication to school work. For instance, if you are not a devout worker it is probably best to not attend a school known to have a very difficult acedemic curriculum. In general, just search for colleges that match you and your personality.


My advice would be to make sure that your son/daughter will like it. If the student does not like the school, he/she will not do very well. I would also say that a big party school would not be the place to be if you are serious about academics and succeeding. I like to go to parties every once in a while but i attend a private school so there are not too many. Chose a college that best fits who the student is and will end up developing into.


College is a privlage and anywhere you go no matter how much you may not like it you should be greatful you can even attend.


I would have to say when looking for a college you need to really look in depth of what the college majors are, and see if they are going to be able to give you the knowledge you want through the majors they offer you. On the other hand if you dont have a major or your just not sure what you want to do yet I would look at a college that have an undeclared program alot of the times that can really help you see the different aspects of all the majors and can help you decide on what you might want to go into.


To every student: When choosing a major make sure its towards a job that you will enjoy for life. Being happy is much more important then making money.


If you are going to be away for four years you might as well go somewhere that looksnice. Make it a vacation. Dont worry about being too far away