Geneva College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I believe the most frustrating thing is that the students do not take action by helping and serving the community in which we live. There are many opportunities, however no one really goes out and takes initiative in this area. I believe that it is disappointing.


There are so many oppertunities that Geneva College offers, but the student has to pursue them. The staff doesn't really make know oppertunities unless the student brings it up, which is a shame. I was able to study abroad in Scotland and study at the art institute of pittsburgh through Geneva but it was a battle to get there. Not everything was clear. I took alot of blind jumps into things that not many other students and parents will take unless things are cleared up and offered publically.


Geneva is what you make out of it. If you come in with a poor attitude , or do not want to use the opprotunities offered at the school, your experience will likely suffer as a result.


Geneva has rules against members of the opposite sex being in our rooms. We have visiting hours and the doors must be open and lights on. This allows for very littels if any privacy.


Not enough to things to do on the weekends, and the open hours for boys to be in our dorms is very fair either.