Geneva College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


how into God they were


I wish I knew the reputation of my department better before choosing this school. I chose it specifically for the courses offered in the Biology department, however am coming to find out that the instructors do not teach in a way that is optimal for the way in which I learn. Lecturing is more of a rambling of information, some pertinent and some not, with absolutely no homework or quizzes to reinforce any material. There is also some expectation that you already have an understand of processes and terminology.


How awsome it really was despite it's not so rich looking appearance.


I wish I had known about the kum laude awards ahead of time. I wish I had known that I needed a masters degree in Psychology in order to get a job that pays a living wage salary.


I wish I would have considered more options for my major. However, all of my classes carried over in credits when I switched to my new major which was very helpful. I wish someone had told me to not choose a major at the b eginning but to rather explore different majors and different classes.


I wish I had known a little bit more about what a difference it makes being a commuter as opposed to living on campus. It makes academic resources and social activities a lot less available (obviously). I may have chosen to live on campus my first couple years just to make the college experience a little more authentic.


I wish I had known better ways of approaching academics; it took me a while to catch up.


I wish that I had know how much their theology influences their rules.


How much I was going to like it, which would have helped me worry less.


I wish I had known that many of their offered majors are very restricted with only a few professors and classes offered per semester in that field of study.


I wish I had known more about the culture of Western Pennsylvania, and I wish I would've known that the campus is not too spectacular.


I wish I would have known the importance of better study habits.


The slow internet


how impossible it is to get off campus housing.


Just how many rules there are. The only people that come to this school are sheltered. It is all Christian school students or home school students