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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Absolutely not! The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts is an integral part of the campus. The Vice President of the Student Body is a double major in liberal arts.


Meh. Some students are very smart; most are not. Some are nerdy; some are jocks. And there really are twice as many men on campus as there are women, but to say that the women are unattractive is insulting and untrue.


For the most part yes. The average GT guy or girl is of an engineering bent of mind and so is intrigued by knowledge, wanting to work and focus on the task at hand.


There's a grain of truth in every stereotype. There are some kids here who did spend all their time in academic pursuits and are still a little awkward socially. But there are also a lot of kids who are well-rounded high achievers. Fun does often take a backseat to studying (unless you're extremely gifted, it has to if you want good grades!), but it can be easily had if you try. Atlanta has a lot to offer.


no! while there are many people that do fit this stereotype, they are small and don't emerge very often. there are many normal people who like to be social, normal, and enthusiastic about their school.


Yes for all of them. Probably about 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} white in electrical/computer engineering, the rest is minorities, so really minorities are the majority.


About Tech: 1. This is accurate in the sense that Tech is challenging. Coming from a public school, I was never challenged, and Tech has opened up a whole new world of academia to me. 2. Partly accurate; while Tech is mostly a science and engineering based school, I think the administration has been putting much effort into expanding the liberal arts college. The problem with getting a liberal arts degree from Tech, however, is that when all is said and done, you'll still have the word "Technology" on your diploma. 3. Completely and utterly false. 4. Again, completely and utterly false; Tech is FAR from any technical type school. While a lot of courses are technology BASED, they delve into a level way beyond any technical or community college does. 5. On the whole, yes. However, I think exceptions are made for certain majors (i.e. management). About Tech's students: 1. I'd say the majority of us are of Asian descent, but we aren't ALL. 2. NO. 3. In our own ways... although I wonder about some. 4. Not hardly... this is still the Bible belt. 5. Way off...


Umm somewhat it depends on what you like. It's accepted that if you want to spend your Saturdays playing World of Warcraft, there will be someone who will share your same idea. But if you want to go clubbing then you can also find friend who do that too!


Some of the stereotypes are accurate: Tech is hard, and it is hard to make good grades in all classes, but it can be done. A lot of professors (probably over 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}) are foreign and do have heavy accents, even some TA's do not speak English as their primary language. A lot of Tech students are hard working and very smart. But some of the stereotypes like there being few girls that attend and students being awkward in social situations are false (most of the time).


You really only get 2 out of the 3 (social life, grades, sleep). We do have a lot more fun than people would think we do.


Most stereotypes are based in truth, and I think these are as well.


We do study hard and are interested in technology.


For half the school. The other half is comprised of stuck-up southern christians, alcoholics, and a lot of stoners.


Yes, these are all true for the most part. Although you can be social if you are in the greek community. Other than that good luck trying to make decent friends let alone a girlfriend. There are some really pretty girls, they are just all taken and hide in their sororities. You'll never get to see them either since they all management. If you find a pretty one whose smart and in engineering then you've come across a real gem.


Yes and no...the classes are extremely difficult. The nerds do exist, but not everyone is a nerd, and there are actually a lot of cute girls that go to tech.


Yes, to a degree. There are a lot of nerds, but if's ok because either you're one too deep down inside or you can find more people like you if you look hard enough.


these aren't accurate at all - there are significantly fewer girls than guys, but we have a really strong community of sororities and lots of pretty girls. There are a lot of nerdy guys, but just as many social/athletic guys and frat boys


For the most part, but Georgia Tech is also a great deal like many normal colleges. It has great sports teams, extracurriculars, fraternities/sororities, active student organizations, great facilities, etc.


Not really, no. We definitely appreciate how important academics are at Tech, but we also know how to unwind. We also have school sponsored events (concerts, comedians, etc.) to make sure we get a break every once in a while. And the thing about there being "no girls at Tech" isn't true either. Yes, the school is 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} male, but the girls that there are at Tech are quality girls, and we're all smart enough to keep up with the boys.


Yes, we do have to study a lot, but we are by no mean nerds, we know how to have when appropriate. We do love our football here! Tech does care about its students, there are so many opportunities that are set in place to help Tech students succeed in their academics.




No! There are NO dating problems at Tech!


Mostly, but they are fun nerds!


Depends on the major and class taken. From what my engineering friends tell me it seems that classes are really hard with difficult professors who only seem to try and make class and tests as difficult as possible. As far as some other major classes are concerned, they are not nearly so difficult. When considering the nerdy level at Tech, I would agree that there are a high level of them present. At the same time, there are plenty of non-nerds around also.


It is somewhat true. The sex ratio is around 7/3 male, but this is slowly evening out. A Tech student does have to study a lot but there is time to have a social life.


For the most part yes. I've met a lot of good down to earth guys though. But the number of girls is limited and they are often just looking to "have a good time." Occasionally you can get lucky and meet some good hearted southern bells. The student population is pretty ignorant in my opinion. A lot of kids have yet to travel out of their home state, nonetheless their country and often times I find this results to little knowledge of the world outside of the bible.


To an extent, but people use these stereotypes as a crutch. Only 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the population, but students inflate it as an excuse to be unhappy


Not by a long shot, though some of all three of the above exist.


While we are all intelligent, we do know how to have a good time adn aren't always thinking about school.


The ratio is definitely more males than females. Depending on your major, the ratio may be more noticeable. As an engineer, it is common to be one of few, or the only, female in a class of fifty people. However, the ratio is not that awful. Such a large population of the boys choose to be less social, so at events, the ratio is hardly noticeable. There are also many opportunities for women to get to know other women. The quality of females at Tech is outstanding. Most females at Tech are driven, attractive, and interesting. While not every boy at Tech will find a wife, the quality guys WILL find quality women. Almost all of the engineers are nerds. If you don't want to associate with nerds, choose management or international affairs. Those kids are not nerds. Yes, way too many students find relief in alcohol, but there are also plenty of students who do not drink. If you want to go to a party where people are drinking, you will find your place. If you don't want to drink, you'll find plenty of other people who also don't want to drink.


I think everyone who comes to tech has more in common than they know, although there are a couple of oddballs. Tech does have girls, more so than ever thanks to GW Clough


Most are true. The ratio and girl situation is entirley true, although the new classes are bringing in more girls! Huge Foreign Population is true (especially middle eastern and Indian populations) Boring is true for some, it depends on where you get involved Geeks is true for some, again depending on where you get involved.


Classes are really hard - the average GPA is lower than other schools, even though the students are smarter. You shouldn't expect to do as well as you did in high school, you have to remember that every student at GT earned straight A's without even trying in high school. There are cute girls, just not as many as at other schools. Girls are different here, they are all smart and there are hardly any "dumb blondes", airheads, or stereotypical sorority girls. But a lot of the girls here are pretty, they just happen to be smarter than the boys. There are some students that stay in their room all day and play video games, but it is not the majority. There are plenty of students that are totally normal and active, but there are those few that hardly ever see the light of day. The social life here is kind of lame. There are very few on campus parties and they are all at fraternity houses. But there is usually at least one good fraternity party every weekend night, there just isn't a great volume of them.


We all like school, and it is our priority. But to say that there is no social life is wrong. There is a very active social life on campus. As for the girls and guys, you find every kind of person on Tech's campus. We span the whole spectrum.


sometimes, In general Georgia Tech is what you make of it


Tech can be difficult at times, but it is not impossible to do well here if you focus and get all of your work done in a timely manner. There are all types of people here: nerdy, intelligent types and sporty people, and very extroverted students. It's a big mix. The members of the Equestrian Team are interesting, helpful, and diverse. There are even a few boys.


For the most part, yes. But, you can be a nerd during the week and have a blast on the weekends! And, there are a few great professors who make the whole thing worthwhile. As for sports, it's hit or miss with football and basketball. The baseball team is great, though, and most of the women's teams are, too.


These stereotypes are not accurate at all. In fact, life at GT is exactly the opposite. If you are involved with campus activities, not only will you get a fun-filled educational learning experience, but you will also have the time of your life!


They are to some extent. I would say Georgia Tech has its fair share of anti-social nerds, but we also have a large population of outgoing, very involved students who care about aspects of life besides grades.


1. I have met very few sociable people who are not involved in Greek life or GT athletics. I am an engineering major, and there are only two sociable people other than me in my upper-level classes. 2. Again, if you were to walk into a random management class, you would certainly see attractive girls and normal-looking guys. On the other hand, I literally take pictures of the people in my classes and send them to people because they are so goofy. 3. There are not many girls period at Tech. There are probably twenty attractive girls who are athletes in the whole school. There are probably one hundred attractive sorority girls in the whole school. As far as bitchiness is concerned...well...girls are nice when they first come to Tech, but their ego's grow very quickly. By their second semester, most girls have boyfriends. If you're not an athlete or in a fraternity, just plan on going to Athens to meet girls. If you're a KA, EX, Beta, Fiji, ATO, or TKE, and you're one of the coolest guys in your fraternity, you'll get a lot of girls. If you're of average coolness, you'll get some girls. If you suck, you should go to Athens as well. 4. School is not that hard. It's what you make of it.


-Yes, there are nerds here, most everyone is in their own little way, some just more than others, and here there are just more than other schools. To be honest, you will only see them in class, or on their way to class. -The ratio is horrible, and som


Georgia Tech students are dorky in the traditional sense, but most of them do know how to have a good time. The typical Tech students idea of a good time might not fit into the normal definition of the phrase, but most students can find enjoyment in something.


There's really no denying that there is a propensity for the average Georgia Tech student to be interested in technology, and with that comes an interest in computer gaming and software programming. My personal experience was that as a freshman, thrown into a dorm with a whole bunch of guys I didn't know, that most of them were somewhat stereotypical. However, as I started getting into my classes and I began forming friendships with people who had similar interests as I (I don't play video games and I cannot program to save my life), I began to notice that there are a wide variety of personalities of men and women here. There are really a lot of people who don't fit the Georgia Tech stereotype who have a natural knack for science and math and who were drawn to Georgia Tech for a variety of reasons. By the time I graduated I found it difficult to really pin down the "stereotypical" Georgia Tech student. There are a lot of Georgia Tech students who are in non-science or engineering majors -- business (or management as it is called at GT) is one of the largest majors here.


To some extent they are, but they are not representative of ALL students at Georgia Tech. There always people that will fall into these stereotypes, but they are a great number that do not.


Yes this school is mainly boys and yes we are smarter than the average bear, but we also have fun and enjoy the city. With hundreds of student organizations to join every student has the opportunity to explore an interest of their own.


pretty much


Some people do stay in on weekends, but they chose to. Atlanta is a big city with lots of bars and restaurants. I see even the more quiet people go out.


It is tough and we are all dorks from our high schools, but we party hard and get paid in the end.