Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You shouldn't attend Georgia Tech if you are looking for a liberal arts school. You also shouldn't come if you don't have a strong inner drive to succeed. There are many opportunities but only if you take advantage of them. They don't come looking for you.


A person that is very focused and is able to juggle multiple tasks at one time.


Someone who wants to attend a gigantic school. DelVal is a decent sized school, but gives you the small school feeling. We're all close. Definitely not a large school!


Someone who listens to their heart more than their brain. A person who doesn't think logically has no place here, but that person must also be social enough to avoid becoming an outcast. If one does not like science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with particular emphasis on engineering and science, then that person should not attend this school.


Someone who is100% morally opposed to alcohol and does not thrive on academic competition


A lazy person, quitters, people who will give up over a few bad grades, because it happens to the best of us if not all of us. We all have our good days, and our bad days, and our worse days, and our "Why do all of my grades suck and our football team suck?!?!" kind of days... But those who graduate this school go on to do great things. At Tech, it's possible to have all of those terrible days and come out with a good grade, because just about everyone else is right there with you.


Undisciplined people should not attend Georgia Tech. When you get here you need to have a plan in mind of what you want to do, and how you want to get there or this school can overwhelm you.


Someone who thinks its just a party school, they will fail miserably and quickly.


Students who are lazy and hate hot weather should not pick Georgia Tech. There are many hard working classes and all students sleep overnight during final week. Students should be ready.


The kind of person that should not attend this college must not able to manage stress, a heavy workload, or failure well at all. This person must not want a career in engineering, architecture, computer science, or any other field involving math and science. The kind of student that should not attend this school is either very liberal or very much into law. Although my school has a fascinating liberal arts program, it is still very technical compared to other schools. Lastly, a person that does not want to attend sixteen semesters or more in school should not attend.


Since the school offers few majors that aren't math or science related (and even the non-science/math related majors require at least one computer science, natural science, and math class), at least a tolerance of the subjects required. In other words, if you detest math and science, you probably won't like Tech. Additionally, success in courses requires quite a bit of work. If you aren't willing to spend a considerable amount of time learning the material both through assignments and on your own, Tech isn't the place for you.


A person who does not take responsibility for achieving his/her own goals should not be attending a difficult, and stressful school like Georgia Tech. A person who is generally immature mentally and socially would have a really tough time at Tech, because we are required to get things done responsibly by ourselves. One should also be interdependent because it is extremely tough to progress without giving and receiving help at this school.


People that are not driven and completely comitted to give to it 100%. Georgia Instituted of Technology is a very difficult school and it does test people. Infact, the student body was rated by review to be the second most depressed in the nation. It is a tough school but it does pay off in the end. So if you are planning on attending, be sure that you are completely commited.


If a person doesn't want to work hard or study something in the engineering, science, or business fields, Georgia Tech is probably not for them. There is a heavy focus on these fields.


People who dislike challenges, or people just looking for an easy degree shouldn't go to GT.


If you're not willing to put the time into keeping up grades--whether this means sacrificing fraternity parties, putting a hold on your favorite reality shows, or simply bypassing shopping trips with friends--then you probably weren't cut out for Georgia Tech. The rigorous curriculum of GT teaches students important lessons on time management and dedication. The degree at the end of the journey holds such high esteem in a degrading economy, but it is also well-earned by a focused and determined student.


In order for someone to perform well academically at Georgia Tech, he or she needs to know how to balance their time according to priorities. Therefore, someone who cannot focus on their school work or who slacks off should not attend this school. Georgia Tech is an institute for hard workers who have the ability to be independent and use critical thinking. Someone who depends on others for everything will also not succeed at Georgia Tech.


Students who are acedemically focused and career driven should definitely consider attending this school.


Anyone who is not hard-working and focused on academicas should not go to Georgia Tech. This school is very academically challenging, so those who are not willing to put in long hours of homework and reasearch would do quite poorly here. Additionally, this school is best for people who are interested in engineering and/or the sciences even if they choose not to major in either of those fields.


People who are more concerned with partying then studying. This school is very fast paced and requires a lot of attention.


Someone who is lazy and is not ready to give it their best.


This school is not for anyone who does not have will power and work ethic. The courses here are challenging. The workload is rigorous. There are high expectations of you, and quite frankly, some classes and some days will crush your spirit. This is a great institute but only if you are willing to put in the long hours and work hard.


Georgia Institute of Technology offers a wide variety of degrees. However, it mainly focuses in engineering and the sciences. Therefore, someone who does not particularly enjoy math and science or it is not their forte should not attend this school. Even the basic required classes are quite rigorous and time consuming. For people that love math and science, they accept this as a challenge, but if you do not particularly enjoy it, I would advise to look into other liberal arts colleges.


Don't apply unless you are willing to work and study hard. If your social life is your main priority, this is the wrong school for you. This is not a party school. This is practically the opposite of a party school. I can't even remember the last party I went to. I'm pretty sure it happened before I came here, though.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard or doesn't manage stress well shouldn't go to Tech. You will DEFINITELY have a large workload, no matter what your major and deadlines aren't flexible. There will definitely be times when you get very stressed out and you have to be able to handle it well or you will be miserable. However, if you make time for friends and relaxing, you will enjoy Tech a lot.


If you are over the top partier, I wouldn't recommend this school. People drink, but don't through parties, unless you join a fraternity. But the fraternities and sorortities are a pretty tight group so I can see that getting awkward partying with the same people every weekend..


Someone who isn't determined and isn't ready to give all they've got to their education. Georgia Tech is a school for the strong-willed and the strong-minded. Those who aren't prepared to have a strong commitment to their field or a passion for learning shouldn't either. Although, Georgia Tech isn't expensive, it does take a small drain on funds. Beyond that, it is a technical school. Someone who isn't interested in the sciences or some other similar area, should not attend. It is not for them.


Easy going, not hard working, don't know how to work a computer


If you think you can get As without studying like you did in highschool prepare for a rude awakening. Tech requires work. Like, all-nighter, bust your butt ;"Is this real life" work. So if you think college is all fun and games and a cake-walk, you shouldn't come here.


Aperson who doesn't expect to work hard and challenge him/herself should not attend GT.


A person that is very focused on their future needs to attend this school. A student willing to put in the extra work, time, and research needed to be successful.


A lazy, anti-social person who is afraid to step out of his comfort zone.


people that doesn't want to be in school


A person who thinks they can just be lazy and make good grades would never survive the first semester here. Someone who is unintelligent, lethargic, nonchalant, cocky, and so on.


You should not attend this school if you are lazy or do not enjoy a challenge.


It's difficult to examine my school and develop the characteristics of a person who shouldn't attend, because I believe, in the beginning, I was that person. I lived 1000 miles away in the northern progressive city of Boston where I developed a strong sense of cultural diversity at the country's oldest public high school. Georgia Tech, however, is situated in the very conservative South in a relatively new city where most of the campus population is white male. Based upon these facts, I shouldn't have attended this school, but I'm glad I did.


Someone who wants to become an excellent engineer and is willing to work extremely hard for every class.


If you don't enjoy long nights of studying, hard work, and commitment, then this school isn't right for you. We are students who work hard every day of the week, regardless of the holidays. There are many opportunities to take advantage of but only if you put in the time and effort. For those who believe college will be easy and full of parties, then I suggest not coming here. We have fun too, but our #1 priority is academics.


liberal arts majors. boys. people who can't cope with insane ampunts of stress and work.


Those who want a pure social life and want to see a lot of women. People who are not tolerant of eccentric people that are talented in academics. Those that must be prompt to have an active social life. Those that want great dining hall food. Art-related or liberal arts people should consider going to other schools but those majors are offered for a good price here.


People who have bad study habits and no motivation need not even consider going to Georgia Tech. There are tough academic standards that pay off to hard working students in the end.


Someone who isn't willing to do the work needed to pass a class and is unmotivated to push him/herself.


hard worker


Most of the students who attend Georgia tech are nerdy but intelligent students who come from upper midle to high class famlies.


Unmotivated person who doesn't like to be challenged


Georgia Tech is not a party school; instead it a more focused and research based university. You have to be open to other cultures and definitely a hard worker. Also, the ratio at our school is 1:3 (male: female) so if you want to find your future wife at college, this is not the place to come.


Someone who finds it hard to fit into very different groups of people. Someone looking for a great party school or a college experience out of a movie.


Anyone who prefers hands-on learning and practical knowledge to abstract theoretical knowledge. This school focuses almost entirely on research and is ill-suited for real-world problem solving most of the time. The workload is so demanding as to be absurd. Anyone who works a part-time job to help fund their astronomical out-of-state tuition (as I do) will find this school unbelievably challenging. Anyone who wishes to have an active social life and grow emotionally should not choose this school.


Someone who is not willing go above and beyond. Tech is a fabulous school, it's just tough...


The only person who would not want to attend Georgia Tech is a student who is not prepared for the grind of constantly studying and work beyond almost any other university. Tech prides itself on "weeding out" the unworthy.