Germanna Community College Top Questions

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The smaller size and local feel make Germanna a great school to attend before transferring to a four-year college. For people living in the area there is no need to attend further schools like NoVa for the same education.


Germanna Community College is the right college for me because it allows flexability for work and children. Germanna also allows great tranfer programs to four year colleges. The Liberal Arts and Sciences program offers many different tranfer courses that will apply to a four year college.


My school is unique because it offers many differnt classes and various degrees. It is also very active in the community. Germanna offers many different types of programs that work with local universities. It also has a program called Wizard that helps students with career choices for their futures. They have technical programs for students that are interested in the computer field, which is an access for students to find great jobs once they have their degree.


The small class sizes at Germanna are very good for beginning college student to get prepared for a 4 year university. Also the resources that Germanna provides for the student help the students learn as much as possible and succeed in class.