Glenville State College Top Questions

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I like to consider Glenville State College more unique from others based on how hands-on the faculty is. The classes are smaller ratio; which means the professors are more involved with students. The professors will go the extra mile here, and it's obvious that they love what they do. I believe if a student feels that the professor isn't involved and professional, then it can cause students to become more lazy and most importantly not do the best they can do.


It was one of the first teaching schools in West Virginia aka a normal school, they have been an accredited school since the program began, and alot of the proffessor are Glenville graduates.


What makes Glenville State College unique compared to the other schools I considered is that the faculty and staff here, including the students, are all very helpful and care about your success as an individual. The rural location maximizes the potential to study without distractions and really make the most of your education. Glenville, West Virginia, is a great town to get involved in despite its small size. Glenville State is a great place to get a taste of the world as a young adult, succeed, and indulge in the beautiful West Virginia landscape that surrounds. Belonging is found here.


I liked the college the first time I visited. I liked how friendly everyone was and seemed to be interested in seeing that you receive a quality education while here.


It is very student centered. The teachers are very accomodating for the students.


They are the best school for my major.