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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When you graduate, you will be so ready to take on the world, with big ideas about what you wanted to study and where you wanted to go. You will have too many options ahead of you to decide on one course of study, which won't change when you enter college after a gap year, because you'll dabble in almost every major available. You'll later get discouraged and take another year off. But don't worry, you'll decide on a course and pursue it to the end. My advice to you is this: Showing you can stick through with something to completion (a degree of some kind) is only part of the college experience. This isn't just a stepping stone in life, it is a section of the journey of your life. You have the scholastic side of college figured out, for the most part. Keep your eyes open to the people and situations around you, wherever you are, to encourage whoever you can. Learn life lessons from everything. Participate in more activities around campus and don't be afraid to talk to people you don't know. Don't stress.


soppse I was a senior in high school and I already know the knowlege of college now, the advice I would give to myself is study everyday and I'll pass college course in no time, college can help you became more of a resposible ,mature ,succeful student as you move on with your life in college, getting a tutor is very helpful and if you ever think you can do an asighment on your own,without help, think again. Tutoring can help you understand the assighment better and get the work done faster, the more you know ,the smarter you'll be. The smarter you'll be , the easier the assignment gets. College is full of surprising challenges. Taking a college course in high school would save money and help you get in to a better college. Education is what makes life better and easier. Studying for certifcate or a degree or both ,is what makes it easier for you to get the job of your dreams! That is the kind of advice I would give myself as a high school student.


Stay in school and work hard as before.


I know school has always been easy for you but once college comes around, take it more seriously! This means actually go to class and listen, don’t think you can just teach yourself everything by reading Cliffs notes. High school was all politics, who is friends with who and sometimes that makes life tough. College is definitely not like that. Just do what it takes to reach your goal and success will eventually come. College is an experience that needs to be lived. Yes, there are ups and downs, there are tough classes that will test your mind and easy classes that will be a breeze. The people you meet in these four years may be the best friends you ever find, and they make the college ride an enjoyable one. Have fun, live, learn, laugh, love the craziness, before you know it it will be over and missed.


That is simple since I was 47 years old when I started. I would simply tell myself not to wait so cotton-picking long to start college. I must say however, that waiting some time, a little time, would be a good idea for me, as it would also be for some other students. I witnessed a few people who started college right after highschool and failed misserably because they just were not ready to settle down and get serious about where they were. Some were too immature and treated college as if it were just like highschool. I myself, believe I did so well in college, with a GPA of 3.76 after 4 years, because I did wait. I was just a very serious person about my college experience, and I was there because I wanted to be and I knew what I wanted to do with it.


Through attendance to Grace University both the realization and value of knowledge has been rooted in my inner being. Grace University encourages students to explore all aspects of education both inside out outside of their major. Before Grace University, I had no desire to learn outside of the classroom, and even within the allotted class time I would merely desire the grade rather than value the information that the class had to offer. I had the privilege of taking a class with our University president. His passion and enthusiasm was impossible to ignore, even if you're a student with an extreme case of absent mind syndrome. The amount of knowledge encouraged and made available to you is substantial to say the least. Grace University has not only impacted my life academically but also personally in regards to my morals and character. The surrounding community is one that is of pure character and seeks to edify rather than put down. Through attending colleges outside of Grace University I have experienced cold communities that are of selfish nature. Grace University has proven itself in both academics and community, outside of these there is little to critique, therefore displaying its invaluable nature.


In Highschool, which was in the late 70s, I had no interest in college My advice would be not to wait untill your 48 years old to go to college. I am doing great at school and loving it. They say that the older people do better at college because they are there because they want to be, we have seen much of the real world and now realize that college really is needed to get ahead in life, and have a well fullfilled life. It is never too late to go to college. My life prior to college was spent drinking and using drugs," this got me nowhere". I found God while in prison for a drug charge, this changed my life profoundly. My first choice was our Metro Community college. I was enrolled and ready to start in 1 week when I was told my Federal Pell Grant was denied. Then I applied at Grace University, a Christian college. 2 weeks after my Pell grant was denied at Metro, I started school at Grace with an accepted Federal Pell Grant. God knew where He wanted me eventhough I wanted to do it a cheaper way, He didn't.


My advice would have been to work harder in school and take classes that would help me in my major.


If I could tell my Senior self something about college, I would tell her to keep up the good work, and to never get discouraged with high school, even though it has been a long, slow and confusing process to get through. Your life is going to change significantly in the next couple years, but that's ok, because God's got a plan for us, and so far, it's been an amazing ride. We're gonna have ups and downs, but it's all going to be for a reason, so whatever happens, hold on. I honestly don't think I would tell myself to do anything different, because I wouldn't want to change the person that I am today because of mistakes or decisons that I had made since Senior year.

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