Grambling State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before becoming a student at Grambling State University, I wish I had known how much the phrase " At Grambling, Where Everybody is Somebody" is truly practiced as a framework for making a positive impact on the diversity of students.


I wish I had known more about the various programs the school has to offer for scholarships. My school is limited in the monies available for scholarships. Thus, as I look back over my time at the university, I wish I would have invested more time in seeking out some of those opportunities to have some of my tuition paid. The limited number of scholarship programs include, but are not limited to, the Resident Assistance Scholarship , or the scholarship monies available through the Student Government Associations. Gaining this knowledge, I would tells others to apply.


Before I attended Grambling, I wish I would have known what I wanted to do with my life. I always wanted to be a fashion designer, however my parents did not finish college. In other words, they encouraged me to get a degree -they did not stand behind my dream. My parents reaffirmed me that I would have to make it on my own; they had 3 other children that they would have to pay to go to college after me. In essence they said “you have just one year to get it right and find scholarships” so I did.


I wish I would have known that Grambling fines you and charges your extra money for the smallest things (1st lost card, need to get back in your room, washing your clothes, etc etc) , that they shouldnt charge a student for.


The only information i wish was given to me before attendance here is the fact that GSU is located in a small town and vehicular travel is essential being that there is no public transportation and most shopping and entertainment is located outside of the town.


I'm really sasitfied with everytrhing, I really wasn't looking for anything besides the registration line was long.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known how the food would have been. What to really expect in having a stranger for a roomate and most importantly knowing that having your own transportation is needed!


I wished I had known that freshmen can have cars on campus. Yes, it is true! I was so unhappy finding out that fact after I arrived last fall semester. If you researched the hbcu you will find information stating that they are not allowed, but I assure you miracles can happen!


I wish I knew how long it would take for me to recieve my financial aid money. The financial aid office is really crouwded so to be able to get help before classes start at the beginning to the school year students have to wake up early around 6am to talk to someone and not be late to class. I would have also liked to know that it was very very hot and humid here. It also rains alot during the fall and winter.


There really isn't anything I didn't already know about Grambling. I mean I have tons of family members that have come to and have graduated from here. So I've pretty much been around this place my whole life. I already knew my way around the campus so I didn’t have to go on much of the tours they offered. If I just really had to choose something I would have to say better dorm rooms and better offers on these rooms. It's hard enough having to for everything such as tuition and other important things.


I wish I had known about the above problem if it concerns money you have plenty people availale.


I wish I had known all the ways to getting all my needed textbooks. I wish I had information on certain websites where I could get textbooks cheaper. I also wish I had known the inside scoop on professors, so then I would be able to get professors most students prefer.


I knew what to expect because I visited my campus prior to my arrival.


I wish I knew how the environment was down here. When I first came down here, I felt so out of place, because I didn't know anyone, and I was used to a city-like but yet suburb life. The environment down here was very country and they didn't have many stores that we had in Connecticut.


because I would have started the process of looking for money way earlier in my highschool career


There is nothing that I wish I would have known before attending my alumni.


I wish i had known that some of the teachers were irresponsible and that i would love it just as much!


There isnt really anything that i didnt know about Grambling before I attended the school.


This school has its advantages and disadvantages as any school does, however I wish I had know how the financial aid process worked, I would have wanted to know how the rules were enforced and also how the professors approach teaching students in all aspects of the teaching process.