Grinnell College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Campus is 2 by 4 blocks in size, so very small. Directly to the southwest of campus is downtown Grinnell, and it only takes about ten minutes to walk there, which is very convenient! On campus, there are three main housing areas: East campus and South campus line the east side of Grinnell, and North campus is on the west side. South and North are very similar architecturally, both being built around the same time. East is kind of incongruent because it's not even a decade old yet. The oldest building on campus, I do believe, is Goodnow Hall, which was the only building to survive the cyclone of 1883. Campus is really gorgeous, especially in the fall. I recommend walking up north, past the Bear gym, in the fall to see the trees by the golf course. It's beautiful.


Grinnell is a place for those people who felt a little awkward during high school, so it's extremely accepting of everyone.


Grinnell College is a place for learning; learning in class, out of class, and in all the places in between.


Grinnell is a laid back, all inclusive, open minded, progressive, intentional community.


fun loving, liberal, supportive, challenging, intelectual.


A small, well connected, liberal community of generally nice and interested people.