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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Kaitlyn wake up it's your senior year and you have a lot to get done. Finding the right school before you graduate is very important in your future. The sooner you get started with school after you graduate the better. Get everything ready like finacial aid and the regulations you need to start school. Pay attention to what your teachers and concilers have to say because you'll need it. Find every option to help pay for school. It's not going to be cheap, and you don't want to be paying off student loans for the rest of your life. Also your graduation money save it! Your going to need it once your seasonal job cuts your hours to a minimun 12 hours a week. It's going to be hard but, you can do it. Also enjoy the last of your sports your going to miss them more than anything. Enjoy the little things in high school because your about to enter the real world.