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What should every freshman at Harrison Career Institute-Jersey City know before they start?


If I could tell my high school senior self something it would be to not be discouraged. I had a rough semester as a first semester freshman. I put forth effort that I never knew I had. But still, it was not enough to make the 3.5 or above GPA I was fighting for. During winter break I thought long and hard why I wanted to become a doctor. The reasons that came to mind made sense but in the end you must make the gpa requirment for those medical schools. Knowing that my gpa was not what it was I want to tell my highschool self something. No matter how long and hard you need to study. Not matter how many days you go without smiling. Just remember all these hours and hard work of studying will pay off. When your in the future and a patient tells you, "Thank you." So just remember dont be discouraged and keep working hard.