Highline College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were weird, boring, and not very social.


Classmates are diverse, open-minded, international, multi-lingual, local, relatable, intelligent, passionate and focused.


I enjoyed the diversity among my classmates and got to interact with students from different nationalities. I participated in group work and i got to deal with different personalities. Some of my classmates were extroverts and were engaging while some were quite reserved. In general, my classmates provided me with a healthy environment and some encouraged me to become who i am today.


My classmates are diverse in race and ages. There is a blend of local and international students in addition to a new increased group that ranges from the young adult to the mature adults. Overall, they are very friendly.


They've all come from different backgrounds with unique stories, interests, values and experiences, but they all have the same goal that I do.