Hiram College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Hiram is a small family-like community that is academic based with awesome professors and is very comforting welcoming to every person who steps on campus.


For the size of the school, there is so much to do, so much history and honestly, there is a lot to love about Hiram!


Hiram College offers an environment for learning that is closely united and well rounded.


It's important to come to Hiram with an open mind and a great attitude! Do your best at everything and you will be fine! It's also Important to forge relationships with your professors, they want you to succeed! :)


Very small school in the middle of nowhere with a lot of quirky people & good professors.


Hiram College is a small, well-respected school most suitable for kids who live in and around this area.


Hiram will rally make you feel comfortable! and help you realize your potential. There are so many renowned faculty members here, and everyone will know your name!


Hiram College is a small, intimate learning environment that allows students to build strong relationships with their peers and professors and acquire the skills needed to be successful after graduation.


My school is a diverse and welcoming community with a focus on obtaining a knowledgeable, broad, and ever-growing perspective of the world and of the subjects which students pursue.


Hiram is a great liberal arts college especially for those looking for sciences, but has some great programs outside of the sciences, and is in a beautiful rural setting.


Largely focused on academics.


It is an amazing place that focuses on broadening students understanding in all aspects of life!


Hiram is a small, liberal arts school focused on the individual student; it's a warm, caring environment but you're not babied.


My school is small, but the people are smart and the students are always willing to help one another.


Hiram College is a relatively small college with a great eduacation system and ability to prepare you for a successful future.