Hiram College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person of open mind and wanting to learn a great deal about their major and about life in general.


If someone is looking for a small close community, Hiram is perfect. They must be able to make their fun and be okay with living 20-30 minutes from most things (stores, movies, restaurants,etc). It is also a pretty low-key school, not very fancy, with most people valuing comfort over fashion for clothes, etc. The most important things to consider are if you are willing to work hard and on your own because there is a lot of focus on the individual because of the size and are willing to live pretty much in the middle of nowhere.


A goal-oriented person who likes the closness of a small community where everyone knows almost everyone else. Outgoing people and spirited people fit well at Hiram. Hiram is a friendly school that allows its students and faculty to bond in a fun learning environment.


Someone who is academically driven and looking to broaden their view of the world. There are tons of study aboard trips that really focus on getting students to understand other cultures.


Open and honest, laidback and friendly people fit in best at Hiram. The best way to find out how you fit in is to visit.


Someone who wants a great education. A person looking for a small campus setting, but is larger than a community college. Athletics are very important at Hiram College and the education gained while attending Hiram College will greatly benefit you for a bright future. There are many different types of majors and something for everyone's interestes. Hiram's has a diverse campus, with a lot of opportunities to meet new people of all backgrounds. Hiram's professors will do anything for you and help you in anyway they can as long as you ask.