Hiram College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The amount of support offered by the weekend college staff with regards to the students. They understand that being an adult and going back to school is important and special and they make effort to make you feel comfortable.


The best thing about Hiram College is the camaraderie the students have within the campus. The reason I consider this the best thing is because people are willing to go out of the comfort zone to meet new people. My first day at Hiram College I was reading a map trying to find my classes; there were four people throughout the duration of the day to help guide me to my classes without even asking them!


The people here. All of the professors and students are very friendly. I can always get help or find something to do. It is easy to get involved because everyone is a accepting.


The size. The size affects everything. You get small classes with proffs who will actually know your name and whether or not you've been to class. You also actually get a chance to participate in sports in clubs. You don't have to try out for anything, you can just join. The size also means that you can know a lot of people, which sometimes turns out to be bad for some people.


For me the best thing about Hiram College is that it is small but diverse. I came from a small high school where I knew everyone, and going to a smaller school for college was very important to me.