Hobart William Smith Colleges Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Just about all groups are equally popular. Athletics are very popular here and student government is also important. In my experience, students tend to leave their doors unlocked, and there is a policy of being welcome at any time, but the doors automatically close and thus need to be proped in order to stay open. Athletic events and guest speakers are extremely popular on campus. There are deep rivalries with several schools and those games are always well attended. HWS has the ability to bring very accomplished speakers to campus and the talks are well attended. Certain theatre events on campus are very popular, while others are on the rise. The dating scene is almost non-existent on campus and "hook-ups" tend to be popular. The student body is very social. Some of my closest friends are the people that I live with. First years at HWS are often put into housing that causes them to be with two if not three other people. The community feeling is enhanced as certain dorm buildings are small. This causes you to get to know a variety of people, and you grow close to them. If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday, chances are good that I am writing a paper. The days here are too nice to waste, so work tends to be put off until the night hours. People party every weekend. Partying is very common on this campus, as it is on every campus. There is an 18+ club in Geneva that is a popular haunt for HWS students. People say that you have to be drunk in order to enjoy it. Partying on Wednesday night is common as well, though most students do not do this every week if they do it at all. Fraternities are popular on campus and a great deal of parties are held at these houses. There are no sororities on campus to my knowledge. Last weekend I went to the lacrosse game with my friends and roommates on friday night. Saturday, during the day, I worked on a paper. And on saturday night, I went out with my roommates and a few of our other friends to just unwind before reading week. There are very often activites such as open mic nights and other things for students who don't drink, but there aren't too many options really.