Hollins University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I did not need to worry too much. This is the best place in the world!


I wish I had known the financial situation a little better. I wish that I had known the cost would go up every year.


What the food was like...they don't really tell you much. And maybe how angry the business office gets when you're tuition isn't getting paid off...


I wish that I knew just how small the school really was.: rumors spread like wildfire! Socially, it helps to have a car. The campus is dead every weekend. Academically, it was great; I loved all my professors. But, the staff and dean of students were not helpful in situations I had to deal with. Alot of things had to be taken care of through my parents, which is not how it should be for a college student.


I used to think that college was my first step towards the rest of my adult life and a career. I wish I new how much a College or University is part of growing up and developing ones self. There is some room to try new things and find new interests. College is a lot of work but if you enjoy the work it?s not so intimidating.


I wish I would've known that having a car on campus would be benefical and practical in terms of getting a job off campus for extra income. Also, I wish I could've applied for more scholarships and aid my first year too.


I wish I had known to switch my advisor earlier. It has been very difficult getting in contact with her as well communicating with her. Sometimes she confuses me more than helps.


How to study. Everything else is fine.


That the food wasn't going to be that great.


Nothing. Everyone is welcoming, friendly and you can easily adjust to the small-town, country feel of the campus.


It's much more inclusive then I thought it would be - it's very nice that it's so accepting, but I almost didn't apply because I was afraid that it wouldn't be.


I wish I would have known about the loans I would be receiving. I was informed that I would have a full scholarship but they failed to mention the loans involved in that "scholarship".


How liberal it was, which I appreciate, but did not know about.