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Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers-North Bay Village

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For many years I have been terrified of going back to school. I was the type of student that struggled with test taking, and math. I was intimidated by the difficulties of going back to school, studying, and also being a full time mom and wife, I felt as if there was no point to it. These couple of years, I had jobs that I hated, and always felt like I could do much better. From working in multiple call centers, sitting there all day taking phone call after phone call. There was no drive, just sitting there doing the same thing all day. The jobs had not room for growth and really, it was just a job, not a career, nothing I was passionate about. All these jobs I had just because, I was too scared to go back to school because it was going to be difficult. I wanted my kids to not give up, and every time I helped my oldest son with homework, he would try to give up on the hard problems and I would tell him to just try and don’t give up. But what good would that be, if I wasn’t taking my own advice? How will my child succeed, if his mother quits when she is faced with something difficult? I didn’t want that for my boys, I wanted my boys to do their best, and try. I also wanted to show my boys that if mommy can do it, so can they. The difficulties financially I have faced, I don’t want to continue on that path, I want better for me, and I want better for my boys. I realized I can’t expect my kids to be the best at what they want to be if they don’t see their parents trying and not giving up. My goal is to graduate, and get the job I want in Medical Assistant Management, and hopefully grow within that industry. This is just the beginning for me and my kids. My kids truly inspire me to be the best that I can be and not to quit.

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