Hood College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Small town feel with studious and high achieving students.


Hood, like many colleges, is a lot about what you make of it. There are a good number of students here who do not take their education seriously and the school admits and keeps them because they pay. That being said, if you work hard and value your education, there is a good educational experience to be had.


Hood college is friendly and supportive.


Hood College is a caring and collaborative educational community dedicated to the success of each student.


Hood College is a small friendly campus packed with tons of diverse learning oppurtunties perfect for each individual.


Hood college, a small campus with a big heart.


My school is a liberal, small, diverse college with great teachers that are devoted to your learning, I love it!


Hood College has a beautiful campus with a welcoming atmosphere and highly trained teachers that are ready to help their students at any time.


Very friendly, with a push towards significant overall knowledge and education.


My school is a close knit community.


Hood College is a small, liberal arts college where the student is deemed the most important aspect of the classroom; class sizes never exceed 25 thus, students are able to get individual help in the classroom as well as outside of classtime.


My school, a fun and involved institution, possesses a quiet, tranquil atmosphere that provides what I believe to be the best aura in which to study and live.


Hood College is a small liberal arts school where students are committed to campus activities, and organizations.


Hood is an intimate, cozy college with a beyond beautiful, floral campus, academics with high standards, a diverse, warm and academically high striving student body, highly qualified and pleasant teacher who care for each students' success while being encompassed by an exciting, yet cherished and loved city with many attractions and activities for students to enjoy in their free time--all within walking distance of the campus that we all love and hold dear.


Hood College is a small college with a warm environment that nurtures and cares for its students and provides a creative, inviting diverse atmosphere for all to enjoy.


Hood College is friendly and inviting, a very safe place to receive a higher education, with great people and professors who really take the time to care and help you so you have the most rewarding college expereince possible.


My school is very small and personal.


Hood College is a top notch institution dedicated to enriching students lives in an academic manner.


Hood College encourages students to have the desire to learn and do well for themselves; it is a community environment where students can dip their toes in a variety of fields and find their true passion.


My school is a close-knit, community based place where traditions and cultures blend together.


They try you help you with you major and your development.


Hood College is welcoming, tight-knit, and holds exceptioanl educational standards.


Hood College is a college where you can enjoy extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs, but the focus is more on your academics than anything.


Hood college is a small private liberal institution that really cares about each and every student as an individual.


Hood College is a place to build education as well as friendships and ever lasting connections that will be apart of you for the rest of your life.


My school is a private liberal arts school set near downtown Frederick and Hood started out as an all women's college.


Hood College is more than just a great place to be smart, its a place to truly interact with your fellow peers and widen your individual perspectives on life situations; Hood College is a place where a student can fully grow to be an active and influential member in their community.




Hood is what you make of it


This is a good place for learning and getting to know other friendly students however this place will challenge you.


Small, academically driven school that does what it can to help students succeed.


My is is a well diverse school that gives you the oppotunity to a fine education to help you succeed in the near future.


A beautiful campus with a diverse range of students.


You are a face and a name not a number in this school; rarely are you discriminated because of your race, background, religion, color; all you need to do is study a bit more than what you did in high school and you can achieve great results.