Hood College Top Questions

Describe how Hood College looks to someone who's never seen it.


Small town feel with studious and high achieving students.


Hood, like many colleges, is a lot about what you make of it. There are a good number of students here who do not take their education seriously and the school admits and keeps them because they pay. That being said, if you work hard and value your education, there is a good educational experience to be had.


Hood college is friendly and supportive.


Hood College is a caring and collaborative educational community dedicated to the success of each student.


Hood College is a small friendly campus packed with tons of diverse learning oppurtunties perfect for each individual.


Hood college, a small campus with a big heart.


My school is a liberal, small, diverse college with great teachers that are devoted to your learning, I love it!


Hood College has a beautiful campus with a welcoming atmosphere and highly trained teachers that are ready to help their students at any time.


Very friendly, with a push towards significant overall knowledge and education.


My school is a close knit community.