Hood College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Hood College?


Students who enjoy a hands-on style of learning. Students who don't mind small classes, and enjoy speaking one-on-one with the instructors.


Anybody should attend this school who wants to make a difference in the community around them. Hood works closely with the Frederick community, and the service opportunites on campus as well are endless. Hood is a place to find who you want to be and a safe place to express yourself even if your opinion may not be the "popular" one. The kind of person who should attend Hood College is one who likes a community of friends, faculty, and staff who support each other to succeed. Hood College is not for those who want to slip through the cracks.


The kind of person that should attend Hood College is someone who is open to change and diffrences. The campus at Hood College has so much diversity it is very delighting t is nice to be open to many people. Also if one would like to attend Hood College it would be very benificial if they were friendly beacuse everyone on the Hood College campus is friendly and we are famous for our "Hood Hello".


I would say that someone who is interested in a small school woudl to very well at Hood College. Hood is, after all, a tiny school, and it also often doesn't have too many things to do (being able to entertain oneself with not much is quite key). You have to be ok with everyone more or less knowing everyone, and also not always have the most exciting things to do. Downtown Frederick is fun, but it's also a long walk in the winter. Someone who doesn't need excitement would do well.


A person who, through scholarships or otherwise, can afford the tuition, which is less affordable than advertised. Someone who values the quality of teachers and classes enough to ignore the state of the actual college buildings and facilities.


The kind of person that should attend Hood College is open-minded and hard working. A Hood attendee should be willing and eager to be part of a tightly knit community and be ready to collaborate, volunteer, study, and be involved in extracurricular activities during their college years.


I personally believe that someone who is driven in life should attend Hood College. The color of your skin does not matter, or your families beliefs do not matter. It is what you have to bring to the table. If you love that sense of a tight-knit community, than Hood College is the place for you. If you do not think its wierd sitting and grabbing a cup of coffee with your teachers', then Hood College is the place for you. Finally, if you just want a different atmostphere, than choose Hood College, located in Frederick, Maryland. I Did!


Someone who believes attendance is important. Also someone who needs or wants help from their professors and attention in class. A person who likes small classes and individual help. Someone who stives to do well will be noticed by the professors and advisors and will get their needs met or special assistance.


A person who is lookig to attend Hood College should be interested in accademic success because Hood is very big on its accademics. Also Hood is a friendly campus and everyone from the students to the professors are always willing to help make your years at this institute fun and as stress free as possible. I love Hood because the college not only gives you a degree but it prepares you for the working world after graduation through internships and opportunities to get your name into the business world.


Someone who is friendly, energetic; studious.