Hood College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the cost of on-campus housing.


The most frustrating thing about Hood College are the size and placement of the desks located in the upper level classrooms of Rosenstock Hall. They are small and they are pushed together very tightly. The desks are hard to move, this results in students sitting very close to each other. This makes students feel uncomfortable because there are too many desks in the classroom. This makes walking down the aisles and manuerving desks during class activities very difficult. The placement and size of the desks are uncomfortable making it harder to focus and listen to the professor.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it does not get enough credit, where credit is do. When I tell people I go to Hood, they look at me as if I have eight heads. People do not know that Hood is such an academically wonderful school. I hate how people judge the school by its name and do not take it seriously. I put a lot of research into finding a college that was right for me and if everyone would do that, Hood would be more respected and a well-known College.


The most frustrating thing about Hood is the dining hall and food services. Hoods dining hall could deffinately use some major renevations as far as set up and food goes. Like most colleges though there is a variety of foods to choose from but there is limited vegetarian and vegan choices which is the only thing that frustrates me bacause I am a vegetarian and like a viriety of choices to choose from.


The most frustrating thing is probably the parking.Tthere are three lots that always seem to be full. You may have to parallel park on the road.


Usually there is nothing to do on campus unless you go off campus. Luckily Frederick has a small town atmosphere but there are still a number of bars, restaurants, parks, and malls to go to.


The frustration that is easiest to pinpoint is the food: the dining experience is mediocre and on weekends there are hours where no food is accessible, which is very upsetting since our meal plans are very costly.


The most frustrating thing at our college is the administration. They spend money on things that the majority of the student body doesn't need. Our administration is trying to get the college more money; therefore, they are offering free iPads to the incoming freshman class next year. Another frustrating thing about our college is that the two types of students here are ones who have rich parents who can pay the tuition for them, and the ones who have worked hard in high school and are paying for college themselves. Theupperclass doesn't seem to take their education seriously.


My school can be frustrating because there are a lack of several sports and clubs. For example, my school does not have football, baseball, or cheerleading. I have always been a cheerleader so it's frustrating attending a college that does not really support it.


It's not Hood, its our federal government. Our financial aid money is not available until the friday after classes begin. Every semester I have had to go through the first week of classes with no books. This is inconvenient because most classes begin serious coursework on the first day. By the time I get my financial aid most of the used books are already gone from the bookstore, its too late to order them online, and I am a week behind on all of my readings. It is extremely frustrating, and probably the worst part of my college experience.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the dining hall. I am not satisfied with the variety of food we are being offered. There is usually only vegan food and vegetarian options.


Difficult for an actual adult who work full time and go to school full time; and don't get support from their parents to get scholarships. The amount of course work for each class, feels like some professors do not understand a full course load.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the grading scale. I've never seen a grading scale as difficult as theirs. For an example is I recieved an 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in the class then it can be considered as failing. Its a tad bit confussing!


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the cost of it. In high school, you're basically told that if you join all these clubs and get good grades, schools will fight to have you there...don't even worry about money! Of course, once reality set in, you apply for college and they want to make sure they havve your bank accounts on lock down for the rest of your life. It is beyond furstrating.


Recently, many of Hood's traditions have been removed. That is something that is interesting about Hood, and they're quickly disappearing. The faculty and staff are actually involved in this process--the incoming freshmen are not taught about these traditions, leading to them disappearing.


The money. Its a very expensive school.


The campus is very liberal and can sometimes be a little unfair to those students who lean more conservatively when it comes to political views. Also, the dorm houses could use a lot of improvements, as well as the food that is served in the dining hall, which students tend to complain the most about.


There isn't enough parking for the number of commuters.


Hood's size makes the amount of variety offer in terms of classes very limited.


Living on campus means that a meal plan is mandatory. Vegetarians beware: you will be eating a lot of salad, because nine times out of ten the food isn't that great to begin with and the vegetarian option is usually subpar. Keep in mind, though, you won't be alone! A lot of people choose to eat at the campus center over the dining hall because the food is so much better, or use a lot of their spending money on groceries and cook for themselves.


Finical aid. I believe that they do not give out as much as they should to those who need it