Husson University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates are like the kids you have grown up with your whole life; they are the jocks who bump fists in the hall in excitement for the upcoming game, they are the intellectual focused students who competitively strive toward the top grade in the class, they are the shy faces in the crowd who find a quiet corner on a couch and warm themselves by the firepace in the cafe, they are the faces of home and comfort.


My classmates are attending Husson for a reason, to get an education; they are dedicated to their learning.


They are willling to learn, improve from mistakes and always get their work done on time


My classmates are all my friends and always there to help.


My classmates that are enrolled in my physcial therapy program are very focused and diligent. They focus and get their work done efficently and with a professionism. They are ambitious-it's a six year program. They are leaders; we are usually the most involved and highest ranked students in our school. They sacrifice the others areas of their lives in order for them to excel in their academic preformance. They seek to better themselves. Our program requires a high grade point average and my classmates do not settle for the class average, they strive for perfection.


My classmates have a range of descriptions, starting with the severely motivated students to the less motivated students, but the students are all goal-oriented and there for their own reasons.


My classmates are hard working, fun to be with, and have high morale and responsible values. They all have a dream of what they want to do and are working extremely hard to meet and exceed those creative goals in life. My classmates are trustworthy, mature, and very knowledgable in their respective fields. They along with me are the core of what will make up the business and work force in the future and I am proud to stand by their side when that happens.


My classmates are very friendly and eager to help others with schoolwork, this helps build friendships among many students.


Most of my classmates are very amiable and are willing to take time outside of class to meet and work on projects or to study for the class.