Husson University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who cares what other people think of them. I feel like there's a lot of judgement at this school.


Someone looking to expand their horizons by attending college should not come to Husson. Anyone that is looking for a new start and an escape from high school should not attend Husson. If you are looking for a bigger school, meeting lots of people, extra curriculars besides sports, and an upbeat atmosphere, this school is not for you.


Anyone who wants a large campus (more than 5,000 students).


A person who is looking for a large campus with constant party activity.


I would like to say, "the person who is not serious about college", but I cant even say that. Husson will accept any student; smart students, well-rounded students, and even the party student. They take each student and mold it into the community, making the student who likes to party grow up because when you are in the Husson environment you want to grow up and you want to reach for your goals. So every type of person should attend Husson because it allows the students to reach for the stars with some guidance and leadership.


One that doesn't intend on working very hard and has absolutely no motivation to achieve anything in life. If the individual is a huge distraction on themselves and those around him or her then they should not be going to this college because students here strive for excellence and graduate with degrees that get them high in life's standards. A person shouldn't attend this school if they have no agenda of being thoroughly educated and obtaining the knowledge necessary to do something great in life.


I don't think there is one person that shouldn't attend Husson College. There are alot of different groups of people and friends can be made very easily, and its a good atmosphere to attend.


Someone not willing to take chances.