Husson University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


When attending Husson, I wish I had known that it was not in a little community like Farmington College is. I visited my sister many times when she was at Farmington College and I loved that everything was in close walking distance. There was quite a little community. However, one has to drive or take public transportation in order to go somewhere.


I wish I had known about how helpful teachers are here at Husson University before I came to this school. If I had known how helpful the teachers were I would have been less stressed out about college. When I am stumped with a problem and cannot find the answer in the book the teachers are always so happy to help. Most of the teachers here at Husson are currently working in there field or recently retired so they know the information and love to share that information with their students.


Before enrolling at Husson University, I wish I was more aware of the scholarships and financial aid packages available. Because I am a part time student, I didn?t realize that I might be eligible for assistance. That may have factored into the course load that I registered for and impacted other personal financial decisions. The campus I attend does not have an on-site Financial Aid office, and I should have built more of a relationship with the office on the main campus.


I attend the branch in south portland. It's very small, only 12 class rooms and the average age is 40.


What the financial aid was really like. They promise way more then they actually provide. What the actual facilities conditions were. It is a lot worst then the say it is.


Nothing really, I've enjoyed every second of it.