Husson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Having lived in a small town over the course of my life, I have come to value a sense of community. Husson University is a campus that lives and breathes the definition of what a community is. Imagine walking from class to class meeting face after face, each one looking familiar. Husson as a campus large enough to support several very successful education programs. Because of its smaller size, classes are interactive and participatory in nature. One can get to know all of the professors and the professors become familar with the students. It is community at its best.


There are a lot of good things about Husson University, but I love that Husson has a small campus, and the faculty know you by name. It makes you feel like you belong here, and it's easy to be accepted. I also like the fact that we share a campus with NESCom. It's a very unique situation, where a person is able to know all sorts of different people who have comepletely different majors. Coming from a small private high school, both of these factors make life amazing here.


The best thing about Husson University is there small class sizes and all the different tutoring or outside class help that is provided.


The best thing about Husson would be the one-on-one availability with each professor. The college may be small, but getting that special time with a professor can make a huge difference in the way a student learns. The unique attention the professors can give each student is definitely positive and can improve grades greatly. It helped me!