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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Union Board is a very popular student group. They coordinate fun events for students to participate in on campus and off campus. They put on events ranging from a carnival in the fall, to offering deep discounts on skydiving tickets.


There are plenty of organizations to keep students entertained. There are 7 fraternities and 3 sororities. But by no means do you need to join them to be socially active. On campus, there is a social location called the Bog. It is open on Thursdays and Fridays. It has 8 lanes of bowling and video games for everyone to play. There is also a stage and a bar area. It's a lot of fun to go make a fool of yourself at charaoke or to watch people who can actually sing at IIT Idol. But Chicago is what makes the social life for the students. Great food, and diverse food, is all around the Chicagoland area. Plus, one student organization, Union Board, sells tickets to students for sports games, plays, and movies at incredibly cheap prices! $10 to see Mary Poppins or $5 for Star Trek IMAX tickets. It's quite a deal. Plus, last year UB invited Bill Nye to come give a demonstration. Very cool! In short, there is nothing short about all the fun things to do while studying at IIT.


IIT offers a lot of social activities for its students- they're always selling discount tickets to musicals, sporting events, and movies in the city. One of the huge deciding factors in whether I came to IIT was its location- and I couldn't have asked for a better one! It hardly takes any time at all to get into the city, so if I want to shop or look at architecture or just hang out, it's very accessible by train: we have to train stops on campus.


I would say at first, I was disappointed in our student social life. I come from a background of playing a ton of sports and being outdoors as much as possible when its nice out. What I found at first is there are many more people at our school who like just the opposite things as far as staying inside and playing video games. I have over the past few years found a number of people who are more active and being in Triangle Fraternity I can easily find people to hang out with by just going down the hall. I would say that in general, the Fraternities and Sororities are very popular and tend to house many of the more active students on campus (not sure if everyone would agree with that, but thats my opinion) I helped start the student organization called Architecture That Matters and was involved with many others on campus that had their ups and downs. I also have worked hard over the past few years with the Intramural Sports program to try and improve and expand on the sports that we offer, giving students a chance for a friendly competitive environment. There are not all that many large parties on campus, and most are kept within a controllable group of friends (mostly because of liability issues). Chicago is our backyard, so there are countless opportunities for both fun and education.


We have fraternities that do parties and fund raisers, also have an Homecoming carnival at the start of the year. We have sports games: Soccer ( my personal favorits), basketball, baseball, volleyball. We like to support our school teams when they play home games. Last weekend, I pretty much slept through and got well rested for the work that laid ahead of me the coming week