Illinois Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Chicago. I love that city. When I tell my friends wher I will be attedning school in the fall, not only do I revel in the fact that I will be in one of the most fun and culturally rich cities in the country, but also attending an institute with a history rooted in preparing students for the engineering field.


This school's culture is very different from other schools. It's relatively perfect for introverts because there doesn't seem to be many events going on. Rather, events that do happen are completely separated from the important tasks other students may be doing. This college lets you have a very quiet lifestyle all in all.


Illinois Institute of Technology has an interesting diverse community. It is ranked the top 5 in the country for the ratio of international students to domestic students. A new student at IIT, whether domestic or international, can learn something new about a new culture and a new tradition everyday. We encounter so many people from different regions and countries where everybody has their unique traditions and beliefs and as an IIT student, you are always enganged with these students in a way where you find yourself learning new languages and food recipes.


It is one of the best schools in Chicago and companies are always dying to come to our career fairs.


I mostly brag about IIT's amazing wood shops and machine shops. I also brag about the bog which has a bowling alley, pool tables, darts, bar, etc all on campus. Also, there is an unbelievable amount of clubs and organizations at IIT where lots of people can come together, get to know each other and truly create strong relationships with each other that will last a lifetime.


IPRO programs. Most aren't very interesting, but they are a powerful way to get into your field.


IIT is a great campus to attend because you get to meet a diverse group of students, attend challenging classes, and participate in a variety of different social events.


I mostly brag about the interesting things we do in class and the opportunities we have to learn in a variety of environments. I also brag about the campus and its architecture.


it's the best at what it does, very good for mechanical engineering and civil engineering. excellent research programs , almost all my upper class friends have found jobs in their field


good teachers


I would say that it is the hardest but most rewarding architecture program in the country. We learn a lot and it will prepare us for the real world application. I has many famous buildings and is located near downtown Chicago which in my opinion is the best place to learn about architecture. The teachers are practicing professionals that have a lot to offer. The class sizes are small so you get a good amount of time with the teacher face to face.


The fact that our party crowd at the school does not go crazy. that many people are smart enough not to make poor choices


Professors are good. Helping students to achieve their acedemic goals


Studying is fun here.


My sorority sisters.


One particular thing I love talking about is music. I brag that i play multiple instruments and not only do I brag, i play the instruments to back myself up. But also i love talking about music of any kind. Its a great topic that brings people together.


They get you to graduate with taking only the classes you need skipping some of the general education requirements.


It gives me an excuse to stay up late. I really love the other students that I get to spend a lot of time with.


It is perfectly located just outside of downtown


I brag most about the Mechanical Engineering degree that I'm pursuing at the Illinois Institute of Technology. There is always a sense of respect felt when people hear what and where I'm studying.


My school's teachers are really involved with reasearch either at labs on campus, or at Fermilab or Argone. There are always opportunities to get involved with research. IIT is very technical about it's courses, so there is not a lot of time wasted on general education classes, and since the teachers are researchers for their field they have a deep understanding which allows them to teach very effectively.


My school is one of the most diverse schools in the country, diversity in social, cultural, and economic background. Half of the student body consists of international students from ninety different countries or so. Also, my school is in the top percentages when it comes to financial aid. Over seventy five percent of the undergraduate students here get some sort of financial aid, even full ride scholarships.


This will sound weird, but I brag about how difficult the classes are. This school will definitely challenge you, so if you care about your schoolwork, you can gain a great sense of pride in accomplishing work that you know a lot of people wouldn't be able to do.


I mostly brag about the relationships I made there and the experiences I had living in the city surrounding the college. Ill admit that I am proud I gained a degree from such a tough university, but students on this campus werent much into competition and neither am I. Joining a fraternity was the best decision I made during my four years and I would recommend that everyone at least consider doing it, although it is not for everyone.


I brag about how strange it is. Everyone here is basicallt a geek in one way or another. The male-female ratio is improving...but when I arrived on campus it was 4:1. Our (female's) motto is: The odds are good, but the goods are odd. I'm not complaining, though. Geeks are the best people to know and befriend. :o) I'm proud to be one!


How hard class is and how cold it gets in the winter.


That it is chicago and I have free transportation everywhere.


Having the most connections with the heart of the city is a plus (2 subway lines and a couple bus routes), having a really modern, up to date campus, the awesome dorms that is available, the focused learning in classes of 20 students or less, all the great food options, the culture that is provided not only by the school, but the city it is in, and how environmentally aware it is and how my school makes an effort to take care of the environment.


The statistics of job placement.


that it is a small school perfectly located near Chicago, which is important for my major.


The connections I have made through the school's programs, and the useful material I have learned in my field already. I am motivated to start working on projects of my own with my knowledge of electrical systems and circuitry.