Illinois Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I don't like being in Chicago much


The worst thing is probably the sound of the train, but I also like the train because it gets you downtown in 5 minutes, so it balances out.


We are a pretty poor social aspect at this campus. Trying to instill a feeling of school spirit is a struggle. Much of this, I attribute to our high percentage of international students. This reason alone, however, is not a bad thing. I actually love having this much diversity, but it definitely presents a unique set of challenges that much of the student body is still trying to work out. It has been getting better, but all the pieces are not in the right places yet, but whole picture is starting to be distinguishable.


The location. While I love Chicago, there is a high crime rate, especially on the South Side reletavily close to IIT. I have heard stories from both my siblings and cousins about friends being mugged/assaulted just blocks from campus. I understand there is risk in any populated area, especially larger cities, but the pros of being in Chicago far outweigh the risks.


The only really bad thing about this school for me is the cost. I have to take out a lot of loans and stilll struggle to meet the ends taking on a heavy class load trying to graduate as soon as possible.


The social life at Illinois Institute of Technology is not the best compared to other colleges. Many students are busy studying for their degrees and as a result, the community is not really outgoing. The food at our school is also not the best as many students including myself have complained many times of the quality of service.


The community that sourrounds it. IIT is a great school with great teachers and classrooms. It however is sourrounded by low income housing and because of that we have a tougher crowd that sourrounds campus making it a dangerous place at night.


The overall workload of each course. The workload at my school is heavy, especially in the architecture program. Every studio/class day a set number of deliverables are due for class discussions. Most of the time assignments from other classes conflict with one another and leave students up late nights to complete all assigned work. Our final studio reviews demand so much work that many students are up 2-3 nights in a row with little to no sleep. The projects usually last a good month or so but with a design project there is always work to be done.


We're not really an any-sort-of-party school. Maybe slightly if involved with Greek life. But otherwise, nothing... would be nice if "fun" (in terms of kicking back with a beer) were more embraced.


Many students prefer to isolate themselves. It is very difficult to bring people out of their shells. This fact is best obverved on weekends. Instead of a social and bustling campus, the campus is very quiet except for the greek community. Actually, without the greek community, the campus would be completely dead, always. The Greeks are very involved and are in many leadership roles in every major organization on campus.


The area, it can be unsafe to travel outside of campus late at night.


I consider the student life the worst thing about IIT. This is because there are not always fun social things to do and many people have a lot of work that must be completed. There are several events that happen and sometimes many people do not show up and it can be very disappointing. That is the worst thing about IIT.


The worst thing about the school is it's expensive because this is a private school.


The worst thing about IIT is that it cost money to go to this awesome school.


The meal plans and the housing prices because they seem overpriced for the quality that you receive and the choices you have.


I haven't found it but maybe the worst thing is about the weather in Chicago , it's too cold.


The campus is ugly and boring. Jobs are hard to find even with FWS, the offices aren't helpful in finding jobs.


I have not considered the thought. The school has worked out perfectly for me. If the tuition could be free that would be nice.


There are few chances for students to get financial aid, we wish for a better condition.


the campus is too small


No funding given to students ( Masters)


Nothing. My school is amazing, I love it. The buildings are close by and take less than 5 minutes to walk to from the dorms.


The population of IIT is diverse, but most of international students are from india and china. So they always together and ignoring others. For example chinese students talk to each other chinese in all lessons and some TA's are talking with students in Chinese. Because of this there is difficulties in making friends and improving english. Some chinese are disrespectful to others they tend to help only each other. Some TA's might help their chinese students.


We are far from any grocery stores. You can only get prepared foods on campus.


The only thing that I do not like about my school is that since students are so focused at school, they do not really want to socialize at all. I am making friends slowly though.


i think school is pretty much good. I dont have complain about it


I am a transfer student at IIT , and If I have to compare to my previous college and IIT, IIT is really good school for engineering major. For me , the worst thing about IIT is it doesnt have class between 12:40 to 1:50.Because usually I have classes are ending up at12:40 , then I have to wait to other 1 and half hours to get an other class. It messes up my day (i have morning classes and late afternoon classes).This is I dont like about IIT


The fact that there is no social activities and that everything on campus is dead. Furthermore it is a commuter school therefore numerous students commute to campus and the rest of the students tend to keep to themselves. The school does not sponsor enough student events.


I'm not too sure since I haven't attended the college yet, but I do wish that tuition would go down. Tuition is ridiciously high.


Every school has room for improvement. In my opinion, I think my school could decrease their price a little more.


Scholarships: There's almost no chance of increasing your scholarships after freshman year even if you deserve it. Also full tuition scholars are not held to the set standards.


It has a bowling alley and a sound-proof train tunnel.


Dealing with the technology upgrades when a project is due. The school isnt that great at organizing things based off the students.


so far i have not found anything bad


I would say that the worst thing about this school is that it can be expensive. This is a private school and they offer a lot of great financial aid but it is still more expensive than in state public schools. The school has great computer labs and equipment for students to use so its good to see that the money is going towards the students.


The social life at my school is very minescule. The amount of events and typical college fun is virtually non existent. Most of the student body would rather stay inside playing video games than going out to spend time with new people.


I don't like where the campus is placed. I feel that it is sometimes a dangerous place to be at in the city, especially in the night. I would love to be able to explore around the campus as well as the city; however, exploring a block too far in the wrong direction will put you in a bad neighborhood.


The professors are mor focused on research as opposed to working with students in some cases. The campus lacks an overall college feel to it.


The worst thing about IIT is the way that the administration treats the students. It is not a service oriented culture. If you have a problem with something and need to get it fixed you will usually have to talk to about five different people before you get an answer. This semester I actually lost $2000 of a scholarship I was awarded because of their refusal to work with me in a timely and considerate manner.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is the fitness center. The school is amazing for its academics and history behind every single building but students need a place to get away and relax. Most students go to Keating Hall which is our fitness center. Four of the basketball hoops are broken, all equipment is damaged or in bad shape, and some windows are cracked and broken. Its a great stress reliever to just go work out or play some sports with friends but at Keating it is very difficult to do.


The dollars and cents aspect of the school - tuition, books, lab fees, housing , meal plans that lack flexibility. The school is actually in the city of Chicago with great public transportation anywhere - but this is a very expensive city .


The meal pla flexibility because if you live on campus you must have a meal plan and the food is so unhealthy.


The worst thing about the school was the apathetic attitude of a good portion of the students. It is a small institution, so there is not an exceedingly large number of activities to do outside of school. However, the biggest problem was that when oppurtunities to get involved and have fun were presented, most students decided to pass them by and continue complaining about their boring weekend instead. I usually chose to do the opposite, and can say that It was worth it and I would do it all over again.


The location of the school is somewhat dangerous being on the southside of Chicago. The campus is safe but the surrounding areas are not as safe. This is changing, though; the neighborhood is developing rapidly. Previously there were no places to eat or get groceries walking distance from campus, but now there is a jimmy johns and starbucks with more developments on their way. You still have to take the train one stop to get to a safe grocery store or target, but that one stop takes you into downtown so you have access to many things you may need.


There is not a big social life at IIT, also some of the buildings look run down to me.


The worst thing about his school is the lack of imvolvement. There are plenty of people who want to lead, create, and run events, but not nearly enough people who attend those events.


It's kind of cold, unfriendly unless you live in the dorms.


I think the school is going through some financial troubles. So one thing is that there are too many students. Every year it's more and more and there are not enough computers in the lab, or a big enough shop. They are relocating the shop, but not for another year (supposedly). The libraries are more in use and not as quiet as they used to be. The next thing would be the financial aid office. It is rare to find someone who can really help you. They always mess up the students accounts. You have to really pay attention.


The class size is good, however the campus is a little crowded. On the economic scale the surrounding area is continuously getting nicer in recent years.