Illinois Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


One interested in a career in engineering. Heavy focus on academics, but plenty of social life available in the city of Chicago


I think the people who should attend IIT are those that are adamant about their education. People who want to be in a technologically driven field who also cares about what they are doing. You must also be able to handle stress nicely, because IIT is a hard school.


People who already are accustomed to being an introvert and are extremely focused on academic or plan to go into acadamia.


A person seeking a college experience that includes a close linked community, a positive challenge to succeed, and a diverse learning community should attend the Illinois Institute of Technology. Someone who does not mind a small community in which you will recognize many individuals, and actually embraces the thought of creating friendships with a significant portion of the student body. This student should also welcome the opportunity to learn from a smaller group of very diverse individuals. A person that is willing to meet this community should also be up for a challenge from the faculty and their peers.


The type of person that does not like to party and is really serious about getting a really great education and learning from the peers who feel the same.


Somebody that is very smart and loves technology would favor this school. Since the community isn't that big, many students will have small groups of friends. Also somebody who would wants to focus on getting their degree and not really doing any nonsense activities such as drinking or doing drugs would like this school.


They type of person that should attend this school is one who knows what they want to do, can manage thier time well and knows when it is time to study.


The ideal IIT student does not let ideals run his or her perspective of how the world actually works. Those who benefit greatly from the IIT curriculum happen to be students who understand the world's imperfections, and work actively to use math, science, technology, and other subjects to really solve problems that the world faces. I would choose an IIT student over a liberal arts student any day, because the perfect IIT student not only provides smart solutions, but practical and viable ones.


A person that likes math.


Someone interested in learning in a fast paced environment.


Desfinetly engineers should attend this school. Also, students that are Psychology Majors. Really, they have strong emphasis on these subjects. They have A GREAT Chemistry Lab. Organic Chemistry here is so amazing in entirety. Biology major will do well here as well. Pretty much anyone and everyone can fit in here. You see very young gifted students here, and older people too!


People with an interest in technology and research.


People who want to learn something they are truely interested in and want to apply the thoery into practice


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is decicated to their work. They must also be organized in order to do all the activities that they want to do. There is also quite a bit of focus on intelligence that is very important to the school. This is by no means a party school so I don't suggest this school if that is the social life you are looking for.


Hard workers. IIT is non stop homeworks school.


People should attend IIT if they have a strong background in math or science, find technology fascinating, like new ways of doing things, creating shortcuts, making things more efficient, or want to be a part of the future known as the electronic age.


Illinois Institute of Technology offers practical knowledge while you earn a traditional degree; I have yet to have a professor that did not have industry experience. The diversity of students and focus on working in teams is a real world benefit that will pay dividends in the workplace. Students looking for real world discussion and case study based learning should inquire further. I suggest contacting the department of interest and reading the syllabus from classes in your field of interest from various Universities and comparing them then send a few emails to professors with pointed questions. Best of Luck!


Any person of any kind regardless of the race, color can attend this great school as long as they determined to achieve their goals. Another reason i love this school its because no one is too old to attend classes, most of the classes i attend, old people, that are old enough to be parent, attend classes with me. This shows knowledge is power and unlimited, no matter ones status or position, it is good aspire to know more about various things in the world for the betterment of themselves and other people.


I think that any person who chooses to attend Illinois Institute of Technology should be someone who is committed to having the best educational experience available. IIT focuses on each individual, but each one is given the opportunity to mature in knowledge, self esteem, socially, and financially. Classes are difficult enough to force you to study, IIT's reputation for excellence aides in building self esteem, social gatherings which are offered regularly, help you to network and develop longterm relationships, and having to keep track of your student account, forces financial responsibility.


People that like research and want to go into a science profession.


Prospective students with a vision of a transforming lives with the use of techonology


A person who would like the lifestyle of a technical school (not a state school), if you are wanting to be an engineering or architecture major (these are the schools top majors), and if you need scholorship money (school usually gives out a lot of scholorship money).


A person looking to gain extensive knowledge about architecture and technology related fields, be willing to spend 3 times the hours spent in class, researhing and looking for information on his/her own instead of taking it the way it is from a teacher. The school forces its students to be self-educated however it exploit most of their social life. Group work is very essential and compensates for the lack of social life as students eventually learn to mix work with fun. 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of IIT graduates find jobs upon graduation.


A person who enjoys intellectual conversation and critical analysis in their social life and in the classroom. Classes will interfer with your social life so a person should be prepared. The school is very Tech oriented with many engineers, architects, and pre-med students. There is a huge amount of diversity which will open your eyes to all different ideas and worlds. The school very much cares for it students and changes accordingly, but it may fall short some time. Most people here are not the fraternity type. Most are hard workers and very open minded.


Someone who is focused on School and goes to class. Someone who doesn't mind not partying and someone who doesn't mind not a lot of girls.


People who don't care about developing socially. People who like to play video games.


The type of person that should attend IIT is the type of person who doesn't mind an insanely heavy workload with very little interesting campus programming to help you relax for a bit or take a break. If you are into all-nighters, and mostly late nighters due to school work then this is the place for you. If you want to be surrounded by people who are somewhat friendly, however, extremely socially awkward then once again this is the place for you. All in all, IIT is for the "braniacs" of the world who just want to study.


Someone who wants a great engineering degree that will allow them to focus on research. The faculty are very research oriented and will be able to help you get where you need in that field.


Engineers, science minded people, etc.


Geeks, nerds, antisocial people, people who want to carve their names in time in an uncompetitive social environment.


People who prioritize learning over socialization and networking should definately consider this school. A person looking to do continue sports in college should consider this school.


At what I see at this school are more study oriented people, they rarely socialize.


Anyone who is open and accepting of new things. Who wants to experience different things, cultures, religions, events. Also, anyone who is interested in science egineering or architecture will definitely benefit from being at this campus. There is a plethora of research opportunitites and a lot of professors want their students to succeed.