Illinois Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The diversity at IIT is the greatest thing about this school. You are able to learn about so many different cultures and nations just by going to class. With our international population so high, it truly is amazing to walk around campus. You will usually hear at least 5 different languages being spoken just by walking from one side of campus to another.


The best thing about IIT is the strong passion for engineering and related study fields on compass. The architecture of the compass and the engineering it took to build most off the buildings is spectacular. The engineering on the tube to reduce noise levels in the bog is a good example and the architecture of the bog itself is another. Mies van der Rohe designed a lot of the buildings and boasted our campus to world recognition for being an architectural wonder. The school takes pride in how it presents itself and it's history.


The best thing about the Illinois Institute of Technology is the amout of opportunity found on such a small campus with a small student body. Although this is not a large university, there are always activities to engage students in the community, especially giving attention to the diversity of the population. I appreciate that students are able to create and host events that bring together different cultures, and some activities serve as an educational event to all that attend. I enjoy that culturally based organizations are willing to share their customs and views with others.


There are many oppprotunities for extra help, whether it involves your classes, life, or anything you can think off. IIT offers a lot of support for their students, making a large school seems like a huge supportive family. Going to college is a scary thing, especially when there's at least 8,000 other students going with you. Making friends or finding help can be hard, but the atmosphere from the administration and even the other students makes new comers feel more welcome than they are in their own homes. This makes school more fun, safe, and easier.


The thing I consider best about my school is the ability to be involved in research as an undergraduate. As long as you show interest and prove to the professor that you are a diligent worker and a competent student, there is a good opportunity of landing a position as an undergraduate researcher in his or her lab. This allows an undergraduate to gain experience in the field, as well as learning novel and innovating techniques in the professor's area of expertise.


The best thing about IIT is it's friendly faculty and students. This is because they all gave such a warm welcome when we first entered the school. Everyone there is helpful and kind to each other, so it really gives students a nice atmosphere, and makes them feel at home.


The best thing about this institution it offers a wide range of information that is easily accessible anywhere on and off campus for students to use for their academics as well as their time while attending the school, because as a student, we always want to know things and we want to know things without having to go through too much trouble, so having resources easily accessible is great.


One unique thing about campus is the disc-golf course that runs through it. It is the only disc-golf course in Chicago, so it is not unheard of for people in the community to come to campus just for that. There have even been some celebrity spottings on the campus discing! Another unique thing is the architecture and the layout. At IIT we have a lot of open green space which is unusual for a campus in the city. Most of our buildings were designed by the famous architect Mies van der Rohe. But there is also SSV (a dorm) and the MTCC (our student center) which are very unique and interesting architecturally.


The commitment to education is a plus; every single class is very competitive. Also the fact that you are provided with opportunities to work on projects with people from different majors is a great experience that teaches team work and somewhat simulates a real world professional experience.


The best thing is you can always find your friends, different color, different faith, different language, all over the world.


Close to home...


the main campus, its big we enjoy study share have fun can hangout anywhere is the college . thats why i like my school.


The best thing about Illinois Institute of Technology is that it is prestigeous in architecture field. In early 20th century, one of the greatest architect named Mies van der Rohe came to IIT and founded architecture curriculum for students. It was important moment because since then, american building styles were influenced by his works. IIT students learn not only in his style but also creates new styles for future buildings. We are smart, artistic and devoting ourselves to great acheivement in architectural field and I am so proud of it.


Teachers want you to succeed and usually try to help you out as much as possible, as long as you come to them when you're struggling.


I really enjoy the location that our school is in. It is located in the south side of Chicago where you can see a nice skyline. The campus has two subway lines that run to it, which is nice when one line has delays or problems. There are transit buses that run through campus and there are multiple ways of driving to campus. This gives the campus a convenient access to commuters of all types. With the exception of the shuttle buses, it is very easy to always have a way to get to school.


The best thing about my university are the professors because they are very helpful. It's odd to say because you would think it's a given that teachers are helping you learn, but I've been to other universities with instructors that aren't very helpful. As much as I respected many, the professors at IIT are very concentrated in their field and they help students develop skills in a way that leaves more for analyzation rather than the literal.


That it is well regarded as one of the best schools for my major, which is architecture. It is also a private school which benefits me , because I'm able to recieve more hands on training and teaching. The teacher staff have a great knowledge for what they are teaching and thier main concern is making sure that you succeed in your studies and in your future.


I like that it's so academically driven, yet there is still a social life around.


friendly and conducive environment.


It's in an urban area ( i.e. Chicago )


Best Thing about school is students are able to expand their knowledge as much as possible, from hard skills to soft skills like learship, communication or team-working skills through clubs and organizations in school. Also, there is a survey said that students stay in school tend to be healthier than others because of sports and exercises.


The best thing about my school is its size. There are only a few thousand undergraduate students attending the school so the class sizes are extremely small. the largest class I have taken (which is the laregest on campus) was just under 100 people. This means that the professor and the TAs are able to spend a lot more time with each individual student then at another univesity where the average class size is something like 200 people. Our professors actually notice when someone is not in class and can then do something about it.


The professors are always willing to help students figure out what to do after graduation by making suggestions or giving advice.


I consider the small class size and the overwellming dedication by the faculty and staff to deliver a outstanding education to be the best thing about the Illinois Institute of Technology.


Location!!! Hello! We are in CHICAGO!!! One of the greatest cities in the world!!! There's plenty to do and it is easy to get around!!! Especially with the UPass!!! Adventuring around the city is a great way to have fun!


I think the best thing about my school is that its very easy to get to using public transportation and that if you are serious about studying all the time and you like to learn then you will do fine. There may not be a very good social life out side of school but collaboration does not seem to be a problem. Its actually encouraged and practiced often. Teachers seem to be very knowledgeable accept for the occasional nightmares.


The entire learning experience. From in class to out of class experiences and opportunities.


The best thing about Illinois Institute of Technology is the history behind every single building. Mies Van der Rohe was a famous German architect who designed almost every building on campus. They were all very unique designs and when you walk inside of any building you feel like you are a part of history. The building range from very big and open like crown hall (architecture building) to smaller and compact like the life sciences building. Overall the history behind IIT is the best part of the school and every day being a part of the history is simply amazing.


The best think about this school is the small size and the eagerness of the administration to listen and improve the university. New administration has been coming into the university and trying to improve the overall quality of IIT. It is a very challenging school, but worth the education, but don't expect too much of party school.


The best thing about my school is the emphasis the professors put on learning. They don't emphasize grades as much as they emphisize learning the material. The professors here push every student to learn all they can, even outside the classroom.


The small size of the campus and classes, going along with the close knit groups of students. Also the school has responded to certain feedback regarding policies on campus.


Financial Aid can be helpful and you can recieve more here than at some schools.


Public transportation everywhere b/c there is a lot of things to do around the city.


The best thing about school is the teaching staff and the percentage of people that are able to obtain careers after graduating


A strong academic focus with many opportunities to keep your life balanced spiritually, socially, etc. Also, a close community that allows for the development of life-long friendships and many networking opportunities.