Indiana State University Top Questions

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Indiana State University is unique because even though the classes are large, the professors still are able to build the close relationships with students.


This school has its professor's and falculty ready for class and they engage on each others learning. Every class that I've taken at ISU is based on my degree and sometimes is based on my minor as well.


Indiana State University is unique in many ways, but compared to other schools I considered, it is unqiue in volunteer services. Volunteering is good becuase it reduces stress. It also brings people together, strengthens a community, promotes personal growth, and you can learn a lot. It is said that voulteering can advance you career experience.


I think that the number of trees here is a unique aspect about my school. During the fall semseter, it is really nice to see all of the pretty green trees. As the semester comes closer to winter, the tree's leaves change colors and eventually fall. It is very pleasing to do homework or study outside during these times.


The faculty and staff are really helpful and friendly, and take a real interest in what you are learning.


The 6 block campus makes it easy to navigate and gives a comfortable feel to a state university. The staff, both academic and ordinary (meaning housing, cafeteria, and store workers) make Indiana State a warm, friendly environment. The many opportunities to get involved in student activities makes ISU a wonderful place to meet a variety of people.


Indiana State is a flexible University that works closely with there students and offers many resources to insure success.


They have a great Nursing progam and it is close to home. ISU also does a great job supporting diversity in many ways than one. The campus is small and it is easy for students to become close to one another because of the short distance.


Indiana State is a smaller school, which is nice because you are always with in a 10 minute walk of your classes and the classes themselves, once you get into your major are small. ISU also has an amazing recreation center and allow freshman to have cars on campus.


The unique thing about my school compared to other schools I considered would have to be my scholarship program that I am in. I know that it will give me an advantage when I graduate because of all the different types of learning tools it provides.




The fact that everything you do here is hands on. Your put forth as number one and they work well with you. When coming into this school they want you to be involved and they strive to get you involved. Also, if you dont like what you are doing because it does not feel like your thing to do they help you find a better way of doing it.


I enjoyed that it is close to home, and the cheapest college for the amount of excellent eduacation one receives while attending.


After attending ISU for a year and a half, I have noticed that my school is much more diverse than many of the other colleges I have visited. I grew up in a prodominately white area and coming to this school has been a great opportunity for me to learn more about differnt ethnic groups and cultures. In addition, I have gotten the chance to to expand my view of the people in this world. I believe that this is a very unique experience that I would have missed out on if i had gone somewhere else.


It has a close knit community that makes you feel welcome all over campus.


I am a music business major and i chose Indiana State because the music business program has a 100% placement rating when it comes to jobs.


It provides numerous opportunities to students academically and socially. Students have access to a variety of facilities. Also, ISU is one of the few schools who gives students full rides.