Indiana State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This college is for anyone. They offer many different majors and minors. Indiana State University have a great nursing program as well for student who are interested in the medical field.


A dedicated individual. Someone who wants to not only work toward their major but also desires to partcipate in community service, clubs, Greek life, or even campus jobs. An individual who doesn't just want the partial college experience but who desires the chance to fully enjoy and be apart of the college lifestyle.


You should attend this school if you don't have any other options. Also attend this school if you're looking to party, or if you have a strong idea of where you're going and are prepared to go there without any guidance.


Anyone who wants a higher educational learning experience can be a student at Indiana State University. With so many majors and minors to choose from, as well as graduate studies and Masters Degree options available, Indiana State has something for everyone.


One who is going to work hard in their classes and who is looking for a good education.


Anyone would be a good fit to attend here, but if one is looking for a big campus with a lot of people then this would not be a good fit. It is a small campus, but the classes are well taught and the teachers are awesome.


I believe Indiana State has an extremely diverse population. I meet new people everyday. I think it is a fantastic school for people to go to locally, or to live on campus if they are far from home. Students that attend here must be driven and goal oriented. Indiana State University is definitely a place to have fun and gain experiences, but it is important that everyone that attends knows that they are here for a purpose. Students should be driven, and ready to learn. I love Indiana State University. I love the people here.


Hardworking students who are looking to obtain a degree through challenging coursework should attend this school.


Hard working person that can achive high levels in education


21st Centry Scholars, presidental scholars, and scholar athletes.


It is a good teachers school. The classes are kindof small and is very personable.


I think all schools essentially require a set amount of motivation and set goals to be in line before attending anyway. This school is no different. Otherwise you're just wasting time and money figuring all that out while you're there.


Anyone who wants to get a great college education and have a fun and unforgettable time while achieving their degree.


A goal driven person who is not afraid of hard work, loves to network with other like individuals, is a team player, and is looking for a rewarding experience should attend this college. Individualism and independent inquiry are taught, but a student truly benefits from this group setting. If you are looking for a challenge and teachers who make you accountable and push you to be your best, then Indiana State University is the place for you.


Someone that likes a school that is not big or small. Its just right the class size is about 30 per class. Some one that like a lot of campus activites. Some one that would like to meet many different people of race, ethnicity, culture or anything else. Also someone who wants to make life long friends. Someone that wants a good education.


Indiana State University is good choice for students all races and majors. This is a very diverse campus and is an excellent school for education, business, nursing, and art majors. Student from all ages attend here, although about 85%-90% are college age such as 18-22, there are students that are ages 30-40 in all of my classes. However, since it is a smaller campus I recommend it for students who attended a smaller high school. ISU is also benifcial for students who want to be involved on campus.


A person who is not looking for a large school, who wants personal attention and the investment of proffessors, who wants to be exposed to the many things life can throw into the mix should attend this school.


someone who wants small classes and professors that care


This person should be open to many subjects, and have somewhat of a clue as to what they want to pursue. They should be easy-going, and be understanding of ethnic diversity.


The kind of person that should attend ISU should like to drink and party because that's all there really is to do here. The school is right next to Wabash Ave., which is home to the WALK a homecoming event that involves binge drinking starting at 4 am going from bar to bar.


Someone from a small town would do well here. The opurtonitees are enless and the diveristy is great. Everyone fits in and everyone is here for different reasons but most of us fit in well. Campus is very small and compact. Most people stay in the same building all day.


A person who wants to learn a lot and work their butt off!


A person who is interested in teaching or aviation because both of those schools are known for their own programs and would benefit people going into those fields.


isu is jokingly called "the only four-year community college in indiana." the school is too small for research-driven, seriously focused students to gain anything, so the student best suited for this school is someone who wants community college standards, but can live on campus.